Huge coupon giveaway!

28 Jan

I got a great new batch of coupons, time to share! This is going to be a fun one, lots of ways to enter, and lots of winners!!

Each winner will get a huge envelope of coupons – great grocery ones, household stuff etc. – top notch coupons! 🙂

Here are the ways to enter, and make sure to post a comment for each seperate entry:

1 – follow me on twitter @couponwinnipeg

2 – join our facebook group

3 – post this giveaway as your facebook status, in a chat room etc. – somewhere online (not in our group obviously! 🙂 ) Make sure to include the link.

4 – name your all time best coupon score!

Here’s why it’s important to do them all seperately – for 1-99 entries I’ll pick one winner, 100-199 entries I’ll pick 3 winners, 200-299 it’ll be 6 winners and so on! So, spread the word! Contest open to all Canadians and will end Tuesday Jan 31st at noon! Good Luck everyone!



142 Replies to “Huge coupon giveaway!

  1. J & J $3 off coupon from the company for any product any size- used for J & J baby bath was on sale for $3.99 paid .99c

  2. Tylenol migraine on for 3.47 coupon for 4.00 off at walmart plus got the .53 cents overage…woot.woot!!! posting on my fb page!

  3. OH yeah!!! Shoppers(in bc) was clearing out some baby stuff. Baby MumMums were on sale and then had stickers on them to reduce the price 3 more times! I got 8 boxes for 72 cents for all with tax. They are usually over $3.00 each! My baby is only 3 months old and they expire next month but those things last forever!!!

  4. Am I the only one who does this? When I’m waiting for the person in front of me to clear the check out, I always seem to scan their items for things that I might have coupons for them to use … yesterday at WalMart I saved an old lady $10.00 for her Tylenol. It’s fun to help people with coupons I wouldn’t normally use!

  5. I’m new to couponing, but my favorite coupons are Michael’s40% off coupons. It feels so good to get a $100 or $50 item at almost half off!

  6. i am still a new couponer i started in dec before xmas would love to win alot of coupons to start me off on getting a better deal on groceries …… love being a couponer grandma and i am a mom of 3 working only parttime…………

  7. With 3 boys, and the way they go thru clothes/food, my favorite coupon scores & deals are: Old Navy, Sobey’s 1$ days + I love it when they have the Aeroplan event on at Rexall.

  8. The best coupons I have ever received were FPC’s in the Kraft Samplicious package, and FPC’s from Huggies when we contacted them about mislabelled training pants.

  9. couponing in general I consider the best. Anything I can save on money for my family and get for cheap is awesome. My favorite deals are for bulk barn coupons and many items my familt gets for about a dollar thanks to coupons.

  10. not sure what the best one i had was…. there were so many 🙂 guess the toothbrushes were a buck at ssobeys and i had a dollar off coupon that was awesome (best part, there were still a couple on the shelf at the store)

  11. Best score is any of the full price coupons I have used (bacon, chocolate bar, French fries, crackers, mousse, cheese, and others). Another one was on laundry soap that was on sale had a coupon buy 2 save $5 at the till it rang up wrong got the scop for one used coupon ended up with two for about $2.

  12. All-time best coupon score: $10 off 2 coupon for Garnier products. SDM was clearing out some anti-puffiness eye cream for $1.99 each. I bought two, and the clerk applied full value of the coupon, so I got the cream for free, plus an extra $6 off the rest of my purchase. At the time, SDM policy did not require them to lower the coupon value to the product value.

  13. Best score was @ Shoppers. They were clearing out there Biore cleansers for $2.00 and there were $2.00 off coupons right on the box. 🙂

  14. I love finding/using coupons for daily use stuff milk, yogurt, bread, butter, veg, fruit, meat – the rare stuff! Free is the best but $/cents off on weekly shops sure add up too.

  15. i got three boxes of kellogs cereal for $.91 cents. I had two – 2.50 off a box of cereal which were $2.97 (so $.47 each) and then a coupon at Extra Foods for buy three boxes of kellogs cereal save $3.00 and i needed Rice Krispies that were $2.97 so, all said and done $.91 for them.

  16. SDM recently had proglide razors for .99 and used the P & G coupon ($2). They punched in the coupon for .99 so just paid the taxes. Also love whatever I can still use at London Drugs.

  17. best score was at sobeys… whiskas cat food was on sale for $5.99 plus had a sticker for temptations treats (value of 1.64) had a $4 off coupon plus it was 10% tuesday!!!

  18. I used a Mini Wheats coupon , the cereal was on sale for $3.34 , the coupon was $2.50 plus I received 10% senoir discount …so I paid .76 cent

  19. Best coupon from awhile ago was the one for 3 Greenworks products for $5. Shoppers had a sale on them for $1.99. So with the coupon you got 3 cleaning products for $1 plus tax. Stocked up for a couple years at least

  20. One of my best coupon scores was the buy two gillette deos and get a body wash free for each one combined with a coupon and sale of $2 each.

  21. FB follower
    have had many great scores over the years ,but the one that stands out most is when IGA had double coupon days and I was able to save close to 70% off my bill!! they discontinued it shortly after that and I’ve always wondered if I was to blame LOL
    thanx for the great give-away Nadine.

  22. Before Christmas stocked up at RCSS on Gillette deodorant. Had $2 off coupons and they were on 2 for $4 so they were all FREE.

  23. Maybe not my best score ever but the one I enjoyed the most was using SCOP on two taco kits at Sobey’s, I had two coupons that I was able to use to only pay for one! AND, bonus – they had the free cheese coupons on the boxes. I still smile thinking about it!

  24. my all time best score? Anything I would have gotten for free! 🙂
    I can’t rememer the price, but one thing that’s on top of my head, is free Poppycock (MSRP: $15). Called Orville Redenbacher to bring up an issue I had, and they sent me a 50 Cent coupon, a free product coupon.

  25. Since the stacking at London Drugs doesn’t work as well anymore I would have to save finding the clearance section at Shoppers Drug mart has been awesome….$5 packages of pampers with 2 or 3 dollar off coupons!

  26. I think my best coupon score was the FPC ones from the Kraft box last year, for cheese twists, salad dressing & dill dip!

  27. Best coupon score… Other then getting all my kids diapers and wipes for free back in the day before all the London Drug rulkes changes… Using my Full price coupons at Pharmasave on Double coupon days… Free tampons, chips, pop and dip all doubled to 2 free items each instead of 1! That you can’t go wrong with 🙂

  28. Can’t remember my best score, but I love shopping with one or more free item coupon – the cashiers are always surprised!

  29. Best score? I got 20 individual size yogurts for free from Sobey’s just a few weeks ago. It was Dollar Days, they had 4 packs of Astro yogurt on for $1 and I had five $1 off coupons = free yogurt!!

  30. I won a contest at CityTV for a year’s supply of cheese. 36 coupons for Armstrong cheese 900g. it is $12,99 a package. Fabulous!!!

  31. My best recent coupon score was at Shoppers during the 18500 points events! I used bonus point coupons and regular coupons, and in two transactions spent about $135 oop and received back $130 worth of points! 🙂

  32. Best coupon buy was recently with the Venus $10 when you buy the shaver and replacement cartridges. The shavers are on sale for $6 at Superstore and the replacement cartridges were $15.99, but scanned wrong, so got $10 off plus the $10 off coupon. Paid $1.99 plus tax for the Venus Spa razor AND replacement cartridges! 🙂

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