Baby Bin Boutique – 1st giveaway of the day! :)

30 Jan

The Baby Bin Boutique has a few giveaways to share with everyone today!  First one up is a felted wool noonoo blanket!

Adorable NooNoo blankies are made from 100% natural, felted wool. Each blankie or play item is adorned with child like doodle patterns. Young babies love to fiddle with and feel little tags and textured fabrics. Noonoo blankets offer the perfect solution to allow their tiny hands to explore. Blankets are conveniently offered in different sizes – from a mini version to fit in your purse to a large, cuddly blanket for elsewhere. This giveaway is for a mini blanket! So cute!

3 ways to enter this one – first of all just comment with why you want to win this! 🙂

Second, like Baby Bin Boutique on facebook for an additional entry!

For your 3rd entry, post this giveaway as your facebook status, tweet it – anything to get the word out!

3 entries per household, giveaways are open to all Canadians and prizes to be picked up at the Baby Bin Boutique on Corydon!

A big thanks to Baby Bin Boutique for sponsoring these!

First giveaway will end at 3pm wpg time! 🙂 Good Luck!

33 Replies to “Baby Bin Boutique – 1st giveaway of the day! :)

  1. My little guy’s current nunu is dying quick! Hopefully I can convince a 2 yr old to switch… yea right

    And I’m already a fan of them on fbook. 🙂

  2. My sister-in-law has placenta previa and has been on bed rest for a while now. They are trying desperatly to get her to 32 – 34 weeks. She begins steriod injections this week to help develop the babies lungs, knowing that it will be a premie. I bet this little blankie would cheer her up!

  3. Im expecting my second baby, and would love to win this for him/her.

    I am also already a fan on facebook … and real life 😉

  4. My cousin’s daughter has to be a bit of a fighter her 7 months into this world, I would love to give something like this to her!

  5. I Liked Baby Bin of FaceBook & Tweeted!! & Should win this because my very wonderful 8 month old daughter is getting 6 teeth all in at once and she is taking it like a champ!

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