How to lower some bills

19 Sep

Manitoba Hydro has some great ways to cut some bills – if you have an old fridge check out their fridge program to find out all the details.

You can also apply to receive their water and energy savings kit – check out their site to apply for it. It comes in the mail and includes lots of goodies to help lower water and heating bills.

Another good one is to phone your tv, phone, cable, internet providers and just check in once in a while – sometimes they have some promotions you might qualify for. It’s worth trying once in a while – a 10 minute call might save you 10-50$ a month for up to 6 months etc.

What are you best tips for lowering your bills?

2 Replies to “How to lower some bills

  1. Downsize! We just did and find all our bills are lower including $150 per month savings on our property taxes! Our last house was large, but there were areas we didn’t really use, but were heating/cooling etc, so we moved to a smaller house that worked better for us, and with a finished basement in this new house, we didn’t really give up any square footage!

  2. During the winter adjusting the temp in the house,lowering the heat when everyone’s out and raising it when everyone’s back. I usually bake on cold days and bbq during summer.

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