Smile cookies at Tim Horton’s

19 Sep

Today until Sept. 25th at Tim Horton’s it’s Smile Cookie time!! All proceeds go to local charities – check out their site to see what charities they chose in your area! We’ve tried for years to get these and every time they’re sold out – which is amazing! Great for those charities!

2 Replies to “Smile cookies at Tim Horton’s

  1. I went today because I work at Children’s and like to support the cause. I was so sad that they were sold out. Really, before noon? Why don’t they have thousands of these things waiting in the wings? I’ll have to try another store tomorrow.

    • I’d be curious to know too – I always figure companies buy a lot of them for the office, stuff like that. But it seems like every time we go they “just” sold out….Maybe they have only a certain amount they’re allowed to sell per day?

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