Holiday style casserole

7 Dec

If you’re in the mood for some holiday favourites, this casserole fits the bill. 🙂

Turkey, stuffing, cranberries and yams – all in one dish.

We have been trying to do the groceries as little as possible, we have been coming up with a lot of these type of dishes! At some point earlier in the year I seem to have stocked up on a lot of ground turkey!!

Simple to do, First layer is ground turkey and any type of gravy that you like – add in onions, celery, carrots – any veggies you like.

Second layer was cranberries and stuffing. I had frozen cranberries and packaged stuffing and it was good, of course homemade would be better.

Third layer I steamed up the two yams we had left – if you have more, a thicker layer would be great. Mashed them with a little bit of butter and cream.

Assemble, bake for 20 minutes or more at 350 and you’re good to go! Since all the layers are cooked separately, it doesn’t really need a lot of time in the oven. You could broil the top too. It held up really well, and super yummy!

This was just our take on it with what we had left in the house, definitely something fun to assemble with what you have or add it to the shopping list with all of your holiday favorites. Just tweak the amounts to the size of your family or dish, or how much you have of each ingredient.

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