Costco non-essential electronics from the flyer – instore pickup in Winnipeg

7 Dec

If you were eyeing some of the non-essential electronics in the Costco flyer, they are now available for pickup at Winnipeg stores.

This is something they are just starting to roll out. A few people let me know this morning had called in to check availability from the flyer and were told this. I was pretty doubtful, so I phoned two locations to double check.

The item has to be in stock of course, you have to go to one of the kiosks to pay for it, at Kenaston it’s the one by the food court.

Because it’s so new, I’m not 100% sure but it sounds like the item will then be brought out to you or your car – almost curbside pickup style.

Not for every item either, I know it’s for laptops, iPad etc. A lot of people have been needing them for work, homeschooling or remote learning.

It’s only for flyer items too – not a big selection.

If you are heading down to pick something up, make sure to phone to double check that it’s in stock and available with this service.

After the Walmart drive-thru pickup fiasco….not sure how long this will last.

FYI also – online shopping from Costco is great, so if you can – just do that 🙂

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