Have a Haunting Halloween with Hallmark Canada!

10 Oct

halloween collageHallmark Canada has some pretty amazing Halloween decorations out right now.

Perfect way to decorate the house and the outside with some really neat pieces you’ll look forward to year after year. There cutesy stuff, some a little scarier – pretty much something for every taste in decor. And of course a lot of stuff the kids will love!

My favourites are the 3 featured on the left – The Tricks the Toe-tappin’ Treat bag with motion & sound is on sale right now. Buy 3 cards and get it for $16, without it $30. This thing is hilarious, it really dances around and sings and there’s room at the top for some treats. Great surprise for a kid, but even for a senior. It’s super cute and entertaining.

The Trick or treater Greeter with motion is awesome! Walk by and it will tell you one of 6 phrases, perfect for trick or treaters. Can hang it on the front door, or even places it in a tree or other place if you decorate the whole yard. This one is $25 regularly but only $20 with any purchase.

The Pumpkin Personalities Decoration Kit lets your really customize your pumpkin. Super safe to use for kids and lots of fun. Comes with 3D eyes that you can turn on and they change colour. Comes with a lot of stick on decorations too – I can’t wait to use these to decorate our pumpkin. Lets the kids really do it themselves. This one is $15 for the kit.

They have tons of other great decor too – a lot of Disney Halloween items and all kinds of fun stuff to decorate for Thanksgiving, Halloween and just fall in general.

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