Happy Thanksgiving!

8 Oct

Hope everyone has a great long weekend! 🙂  What is everyone doing for the holiday? What are you going to eat? And where are you watching the game? It’s a big day tomorrow for Winnipeg – we are all excited to watch it on tv! Is anyone going to the big party at the forks? I’m not a fan of pumpkin pie – hoping to have some yummy deep fried turkey though!

And here’s a good long weekend tip (or reminder) – look for clearance on meat, dairy etc! Safeway had some Olivieri pasta with 50% off stickers. We scored big at Shoppers, the coolision is normally 3.79 and they all had 3$ off coupons because they expire next week – popped them all in the freezer! 🙂 What did you guys find on sale?

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