Shoppers Drugmart 20x!!

7 Oct

It’s 20x the points again this Saturday at Shopper’s Drugmart! If you’re new to their Optimum points, it’s the best! You get about 1/4 to 1/3 of your purchase back in points. It’s really amazing how quickly it adds up – and Shoppers has so many grocery staples now. Some good deals saturday, cookies and crackers are 1.79, 2kg of sugar is 1.79, peanut butter and jam are 2.49 (lots of jam coupons out) – lots of seasonal deals too. Good time to pick up some Halloween stuff! Also, make sure to keep an eye out for clearance, always nice to get stuff for next to nothing and points on top of it!

What are you guys going for this weekend? What are you planning to do with your points? I’m saving a redemption, just in case they have the crazy xmas redemption this year again!

4 Replies to “Shoppers Drugmart 20x!!

  1. I totally missed Ice Cream being on sale for 3.49!!! What a bonus surprise when I was at Shoppers earlier! As well, their Mrs Vickies chips were 2/6$ with B2G1 Free coupons on them. Between their milk/eggs/butter/International Delight/frozen veggies all being on sale, its impossible NOT to shop there on a 20X the point day! Thanks for making me an addict Nadine! My wallet thanks you! XOXO

    • I was surprised too with the ice cream!! 🙂 We got tons of our regular groceries today too, eggs, butter, milk etc. I loooove their optimum points!

  2. I went for mostly food items this time too. Then found they had Scrubbing Bubbles on sale for 2.99 and I had bogo coupies. So bought some of those too.
    This is the first time that I have over 100,000 points and am also hoping for double or mega redemption day.

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