Grocery flyer deals

1 Nov

Tuesday will be 10% off day at Safeway and Sobey’s.

Safeway has friday deals this week – edwards coffee is 5.99, coast to coast rye bread is 3 for $5, signature cafe pizza $5, half chicken $5, lysol toilet bowl cleaner 3 for $5, fresh frying chicken 1.99 lb, grapes are $5 each.

There’s a coupon for $5 off when you buy $35 worth of beef – steaks are on sale for $3 each. Campbell’s airmiles event – buy 6 get 50 airmiles…includes broth 2 for $5, goldfish is 3 for $9, cases of soup for 6.99 etc.

Sobey’s has 5 lb boxes of mandarin oranges for 2.95, oasis juice is 99 cents lots of other good deals.

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