Great deals at the Children’s Hospital Book Sale

19 Apr

The Children’s Hospital Book Sale is going on right now at St. Vital Centre – if you’re a reader, this is the place to be!

We go every year, often a few times and always looking for different types of books.

This year kiddo wanted music books, and of course some summer reading books.

People always ask if it’s worth going, or how good the deals are. First of all – totally worth going because all of the money goes to charity! They have amazing volunteers there too! And the selection is unbelievable, it takes up every little nook and cranny in the mall, tables everywhere in the aisles. And there are boxes and boxes waiting to be unpacked once the tables thin out a bit.

So, for us we spent $28.50 and we got everything shown in the pictures! Pretty amazing – considering just one of the for Dummies had original sticker price of $35! The books are in great condition too – most are like new.

So, if you haven’t been before, go check it out! Just make sure to bring a strong bag!

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