Gigantic Cross Canada Coupon Giveaway!

25 Apr

coupon2I love to share coupons and have some great ones to share today! After over 4 years of doing this I’ve met some great people, and some really came through with some awesome grocery coupons! πŸ™‚

One lucky person will be winning all the coupons in the 4 pictures!! There are 3 of every coupon too, perfect for stocking up on your favourite deals!Β  Combine these with sales and you will be able to really chop down your grocery bill for quite a while.

Since I still have quite a few coupons left over, if we get 100-199 entries I’ll do a smaller prize for 2nd place, and 200-299 I’ll do a 3rd place and so on!

There are a few ways to enter this one, and make sure to comment separately for each one!coupon1

1 – Comment with a money saving tip

2 – Join our facebook groupΒ  (if you’re already a member comment with that)

3Β – Follow me on twitter



coupon3Β Β Β  4 – Tweet out the link to this giveaway (this counts as an entry daily!)

5 – Post up the link to this giveaway on facebook (this counts as an entry daily too!)


Make sure to comment separately for each one – Giveaway is open to all Canadians and will end Thursday May 2nd at noon!!


coupon4Β Β  Good Luck to everyone!


103 Replies to “Gigantic Cross Canada Coupon Giveaway!

  1. I always use my PC mastercard for all my purchases. I have earned so many points and free groceries over the last 3 years!! All I have to do was shop!

  2. I use my AirMiles Mastercard for almost every purchase (and keep track, so I can pay it off every month!).

    The key with credit cards is to pay them off every month, before the due date. Late fees and interest charges are where banks make their big $$$. If you have to carry a balance, temporarily, consider getting a line of credit – much cheaper interest rates.

  3. I usually ask people who I know go grocery shopping early in the week if there are any good sale I should know about.

  4. Awesome giveaway – liked and shared and a member
    I try and price match and use coupons and a credit card that gives me rewards for the while purchase

  5. Matching coupons with sales on 10% Tuesday!!!

    Find a shopping buddy!!! I have a friend that I go shopping with every 10% Tuesday, we share coupons and if one of us wants something that has a limit that the other person doesn’t want we’ll buy for the other person. We trade groceries back and forth like that all the time.

  6. I make my own little packets of oatmeal with flavors like cinnamon or brown sugar…buy a big bag of oatmeal measure into snack sized baggies and add flavors. Saves me a ton of money. Thanks a bunch. Cathy p.s shared on Facebook

  7. I watch the close dated products. If they can be frozen and are marked down, I buy them and freeze them. And if I have couponsvto match its even better

  8. I do my own baking for the kids’ lunches. Then I know what they are eating and there is less packaging involved. Whipping up a small batch of cookies or muffins can be done quickly. It just needs to be planned into your day.

  9. I use my Shoppers OPtimum debit card and earn shoppers points while buying groceries and gas. Surprised at how fast they add up!

  10. My money saving tip is to keep an eye on your flyers, and stock up on things when you can get a great price. Also, if your a parent of little ones, a Costco membership is worth it almost for diapers alone!

  11. I have always loved coupons, since I was young, when the shopping survey’s would come in the mail, it was like a mini birthday- darkening all those circles and them waiting for our envelope of coupons- so I try to use as many coupons, study the flyers and I’m not lazy to make the extra trips to different stores, and cook as naturally a possible

  12. Money saving tip..stock up on pantry essentials,such as juice,canned foods,boxed foods,etc,,when it goes on sale,,so you never have to pay full price!! πŸ™‚

  13. I go to Superstore and Safeway first thing in the morning and get lots of 50% off deals on produce, baked goods, and fruit.

  14. Always keep your coupons with you when you go grocery shopping! You can’t use them if you don’t have them! You never know when you’ll stumble across a great unadvertised deal!

  15. I go to Sobey’s Dollar Days and stock up on the dollar items, which are usually things I need, so it works out great.

  16. I try to use up food in thr freezer and pantry that I’ve had for awhile before buying more groceries. But if something’s on sale that I use lots of I like to stock up.

  17. Before purchasing a new item, consider if you can live without it. If the answer is “no”, then look for it second hand, or a less expensive version. If all that fails, watch for really good sales or wait until the time of year when that item is likely to be discounted (i.e. KitchenAids around Mother’s Day, BBQs and cameras around Father’s Day, etc).

  18. Make sure you check the air pressure in your tires. Under or over inflated tires can negatively affect your gas mileage.

  19. I take my binder everytime i go shopping, use my shoppers optimum card at sobeys so not only do i earn free groceries while shopping I also get optimum points which i am letting rack up till I need them and by using coupons and flyer deals I save while shopping at the same time πŸ™‚

  20. I always schedule my day when running around with errands and coupons. Why when you stop at 3 or more stores make sure you are not back tracking don’t want to waste your savings on gas.

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