Coupon chains going out!

25 Apr

11 chains going out today! Here they are:

Transcona: Jeannette, Ramona, Tanya, Silvia,

St. Vital: Laurel, Abbie

St. Norbert: Sue, Laurel, Barb, Rebecca, Shelley, June, Tracy

St. Charles: Tera, Laura, Michelle, Juanita

St. Boniface: Felicia, Donna, Tara, Wendy, Jennifer, Sarah

Outside Winnipeg: Angela, Nicola, Angela, Carrie, Karen, Emma, Tracy, Evelyn, Kathryn

Outside Wpg #2 : Sylvia, Amanda, Angelynn, Carolyn, Melanie, Julie, Janelle

North Kildonan: Jodie, Misty, Barbara, Carla

Fort Garry: Cassandra, Annie, Stacy, Rachel, Marilyn

East Kildonan: Leah, Diane, Sylvia, Carrie

Outside Province: Sheri, Karla, Melanie

Make sure to update when you get them here and who you are mailing it to and when. If you want to change order just make sure to mark it on the paper and in the comments here too – use the coupon chain tab for all updates!

Good Luck – and let’s keep these ones going quickly!

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