Fun card and number tricks for kids

5 Feb

With spring break coming up we will all be looking for ways to keep the kids busy and entertained. Here are 2 of my daughter’s favourite card and # tricks…. it’s like magic, math etc. all mixed up. Get your kids to try them out – can they figure out the trick to it? I find things like this will often keep them busy for quite a while – and help them with math skills 🙂

Here’s a fun card trick we saw on Ellen – you need 9 playing cards for this one.

1 – put the card you want to pick 3rd from the left in your hand of cards

2 – Spell out the name of the card…let’s say a 3 of clubs. So, you’d count out t-h-r-e-e then put the rest on top. then spell out 0-f then put the rest on top. then c-l-u-b-s and put the rest on top.

3 – pick a 5 letter word or count to 5. They did Ellen, we pick funny words or names of people we know – so put down e-l-l-e-n and the last letter should be the card you chose. 

We wrote these down and have done it many times…not 100% accurate but close.

Here’s a fun number one – this is a good one to file away if you’re waiting somewhere, during a car ride etc – nothing but your brain and some basic math skills to do it.

1 – Think of a number

2 – Double it

3 – Add six

4 – half it

5 – minus the number you started with

…..was your answer 3? 🙂   I like little games like this – kids will usually start with a small number, then get really creative to try and beat it.

Do you know any more of these fun little games or tricks? Add them in the comments – always good to have these in our mom/dad pockets for just the right time!

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