Disney Peter Pan Diamond Edition bluray/dvd available today!

5 Feb

peter pan  Today, Feb. 5th Disney is releasing the Peter Pan Diamond Edition on dvd and bluray!

 Peter Pan is such a classic – and it’s fun to see it all restored. This movie has so many characters for kids (and adults) to love – everyone seems to have their own favourite.

For my daughter it’s Tinkerbell – and she had a lot of fun watching the extras that explained who inspired the character and a lot of behind the scenes info about her favourite fairy!

This movie has so many great parts to it – the Darling children (best last name ever!), Peter Pan and never growing up, believing – and all the magic and wonder that goes with the story. The crew from Peter Pan is always my favourite at the Disney on Ice shows. So many great characters, and different aspects for us to identify with.

I really like the movies when they’re updated like this – seems to be more appealing to kids too. Super bright and clear, the sound is amazing too. There are so many extras on this one too – including deleted scenes, and even a deleted song!  We don’t have a bluray – I can only imagine how great it must look on that, considering it was already amazing on ours! 🙂

This special edition is available at all stores today – and it’s for a limited time only. If you want to take a trip to Neverland make sure to pick up a copy – Makes a great film for family movie night!

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