Flyer deals in #Winnipeg

7 Nov

Sobeys has their 4 day sale til Monday – tomatoes and lettuce are $1 lb, Chicken thighs and drumsticks are $2 lb, Mini Wheats are $3 a box.

Rest of the week they have their $1 $2 $3 Sale – lots of good deals.  Perogies and sour cream are $1 each, pop 1L are 2 for $1, lots of deals on produce. Palmolive dish soap is $1 and several other household sales. There’s also a coupon for spend $200 get a $20 giftcard.

There’s also some deals that are only for the new Sobeys at Sage Creek – Nestle ice cream 1.5L are $3 each!! Limit of 2. Raspberries are $2 and prime rib is $5 lb. All kinds of amazingly delicious look stuff in the Sage creek insert…Bento Maki sushi boat is $8, Calabrese and Pepper or Fired Roasted Tomato Pesto Mozzarella Rolls are $7…these look so good I have to try it! There’s also a coupon on the flyer that’s only for this location, spend $75 and get 10x the base points.

Safeway has some good weekend deals, theirs are only 3 days so not for Monday. Lucerne Milk is 2 for $4 for the 2 litres – awesome deal!! Limit of four. Raspberries are $2, Laughing cow cheeses are $3 (love those for school lunches), 6 stem rose bouquets are $5.

Rest of the week they’re having ultimate airmiles deals…lots of bonus airmiles of all kinds of stuff.

There’s a PepsiCo airmiles deal – buy 6 get 40 airmiles, includes tacos 3 for $9, cereal 2 for $7 etc.

Campbell’s event, buy 6 get 50 airmiles. Includes cases of soup for $6, goldfish crackers 2 for $6, broth for $2, and more.

Lots of buy one get one free on candy and chocolate. WildMike’s supersize pizzas are $6, but if you buy 3 or more they’re only $4 each – those pizzas are huge!!

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