Beanitos and Wholly Guacamole Review and Giveaway – #cansnackattack

6 Nov

beanitos  Snacking is always a hot topic at our house – the kiddo wants something fun to eat, and we want her to eat something good for her, filling and fun too of course. Why not combine it all?

I received a box of Beanitos and kiddo couldn’t wait to try out these new chips! I gave her a bag as her after school snack and she gobbled them up and told me how good they were. I have to admit, it felt awesome to tell her…Guess what kiddo, you just ate a bunch of beans!! She really didn’t believe me, she would normally not eat beans – but after tasting them it didn’t matter what they were made of, she just wanted more.

I served them at a girls night too with some Wholly Guacamole Salsa mix and everyone loved it. You’d have no idea it was beans if no one told you. We often eat that as our tv snack while the kiddo’s asleep too. It’s great to be able to snack but be healthy about it.

We’ve tried several versions of the Wholly Guacamole and love them all! I buy the spicy guac to put in burritos, I just spread it on and it’s super easy and adds an awesome flavor. You can even buy it in a box of smaller little pouches, perfect to bring to work or send to school!

The nutritional info for the Beanitos is almost unbelievable! There’s only a handful of ingredients, all things we know and have eaten before and can pronounce! In one small bag you get 36% of your dietary fiber, 12% of your iron and much more! There are several different flavours made with different types of beans so you can really switch it up. They’re corn free, gluten free, vegan, cholesterol free and on and on. Awesome choice for any snacker, but especially if you want to up your fiber and have any allergy concerns. Pair it with some Wholly Guacamole for a fun snack! Wholly Guacamole is gluten and dairy free, and packs it’s own nutritional punch.

The picture is my daughter’s new favourite after school snack, white bean and sea salt beanitos with some Spicy Wholly Guacamole! You can even send it to school for a fun snack or lunch idea. I love that you can really mix it up, there’s salsa and a variety of spice levels to please anyone. And something I didn’t know before – you can freeze the Guacamole for up to 3 months!!

And one lucky person will be winning their own case of Beanitos and 5 full price coupons for Wholly Guacamole to have some awesome snack times! Here are your ways to enter:

1 – Check out the Beanitos and Wholly Guacamole sites and comment with which flavor combination you’d choose.

2 – Follow Beanitos on twitter @beanitos and comment that you did so

3 – Follow Wholly Guacamole on twitter @eatwholly and comment that you did so

4 – Tweet out the link to this giveaway – you can earn a daily entry for this one!

Giveaway open to all Canadians and will end Wednesday Nov. 13th at noon – Good Luck everyone!


86 Replies to “Beanitos and Wholly Guacamole Review and Giveaway – #cansnackattack

  1. I think I’d choose the combination of the ‘White bean and sea salt’ beanitos with the
    Wholly Guacamole ‘Guaca Salsa’ dip. MMMM!!!

  2. Hmmm…..probably the white bean and sea salt would be my pick (but the nacho cheese sounds good too!). I have to admit I’ve NEVER had guacamole in my ENTIRE LIFE, so I guess I’d like to try the classic!!! 🙂

  3. My favourite combo is the Wholly Guacamole minis with the Benitos white bean chips with Sea Salt!
    Tweeted out the link and following @eatwholly and @Beanitos!!

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