Flyer deals and bonus airmiles

1 Sep

Here’s a coupon for spend 100$ get 100 airmiles at Safeway – it’s only valid until the 3rd though. Good deal if you wanted to go do this week’s frozen food event and really get a lot of airmiles today!! 🙂

Starting tomorrow at Safeway deals….tuesday is 10% off day. The boxes of frozen chicken are 26$, Ristorante pizzas are 2 for 10$ and buy 4 get 40 airmiles. Lots of back to school snack stuff.

Sobey’s also has 10% off on tuesday. Their new flyer is huge…kind of too much. Hard to scope out those great deals!

Superstore has spend 250$ get a 25$ gift card on the weekend, for the rest of the week you get a pack of neatfreak hangers. McCain ultra thin pizzas are 3$ each (limit of 6) and there are lots of 1$ off coupons for that!

London Drugs has sunlight laundry detergent buy one get one free – lots of coupons or that and it’s 7.99. Covergirl products are 5.99, also a lot of coupons for these.


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