Baby and You – new facebook group for parents

31 Aug

There’s a great new group on facebook for moms and dads – Baby and You  It’s a great meeting place for parents to discuss all kinds of topics…right now they’re chatting about how spending time with other moms helps you be a better parent. Love that! I remember when my daughter was born, sometimes you’re up weird hours and you maybe have questions, feel like chatting with some other parents, wish they had this group then!! I still find sometimes that I have questions for other parents, weird things that you just need an opinion on, what a fun way to get such a diverse group. Now that my daughter’s 5 now too we’ve lived through a lot and I do love to give advice or my opinion – not unsolicited of course! 😉  There was a mom on there talking about how her daughter had been rejected by other kids when asking to play with them. Been there, done that – it’s a horrible feeling as a mom, and it was kind of neat to see how other moms dealt with it. The awesomeness of the internet!!

It’s a full service group too, there’s a contest section, exclusive savings, mommy talk, baby talk and so on. Something for everyone! Let all your friends know about it too – it’s one of those great resources for new parents. Great advice, no pressure or judgement. Something every parent needs, no matter what stage they’re at!

Check out the site and “like” it so you’ll be in the loop for all that they have coming up – it sounds like it’s going to be full of great stuff. And it’s fun to read too, lots of neat questions and information on all stages of parenting.

Disclosure – I am participating in the Baby and You program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Loblaw Companies. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own, as usual!

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