Flyer deals – airmiles collectors, get ready!

28 Jun

Safeway has an amazing promo this week – first of all they have spend $100 get 100 airmiles on the weekend. Kellogg’s cereal are on 3 for $12 – and here’s the cool part, buy 6 get 100 airmiles!!!! Combine this with your websaver buy one get one free coupons and you’re spending 12$ for 100 airmiles!! 🙂  If you’re saving up for a holiday this is the week to top up your airmiles!

Sobey’s has 10% off on tuesday – tons of deli and bbq deals for the long weekend there.

Canadian tire has some good deals saturday, a tower fan for $30, charmin 20 double roll pack for 9$ – lots of coupons for that. Lots of amazing deals on all kinds of outdoor stuff, boys bike is 50% off – only $75 now.

8 Replies to “Flyer deals – airmiles collectors, get ready!

  1. And don’t forget that Safeway also has the customer appreciation day on Tuesday also, so you can get the cereal even a bit cheaper or 10x the air miles on that! How does it work with the bonus air miles? If you get the 6 boxes and the added 100 air miles do you get 1000 air miles???.

    • wouldn’t that be nice? The promos don’t count on 10x. The spend 100 get 100 is only on the weekend though, so depends if you want the 10$ or the 100 airmiles.

  2. Off topic. But has anyone been going to farmers markets yet?
    I went to st Norbert last weekend but it was crazy
    Busy. Can anyone suggest others that have good selection
    That you have been to? Thanks

    • For the st norbert one you have to go pretty early to avoid the madness. We usually only go once a year or two since it’s kind of far, and so busy. We go to Jardins st leon on st. mary’s the whole summer, they have veggies, fruit, fresh bread, frozen stuff, cheeses, snacks, all kinds of neat stuff. We went to the farmer’s market at bird’s hill a few times too, it was neat because it was all new stuff to us.

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