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10 Oct

Got my flyers early, here are some of the deals!

Sobey’s is having dollar days – 1L juices are actually 95 cents. KD, sidekicks, yogourt drinks, dove bars and much much more for $1 each. I always find it’s worth taking a stroll through the store during dollar days to see if there’s anything you have coupons for! 🙂

Safeway has their friday only deals…2L pop are 5 for $5, grapes are 99 cents/lb, bakery counter dutch crunch bread is 5 for $5, cookies are $5, mennen speedstick deodorant are 3 for $5.

Rest of the week they are having bogof event – always worth it if you have coupons on them to double up, can make for some great savings there too. they also have spend $100 get 100 airmiles from friday to monday – and i’ll post up the email direct when i get it.

Shopper’s Drugmart has a double double promo – spend $75 and get a $10 shoppers card and a $10 tim horton card. Lots of good deals, Gain is 3.88, paper towels are 69 cents, lots of good food deals too. Great return on spending $75 too! 🙂

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  1. So, for the shoppers deal…just to clarify cause I don’t shop there as much as you guys…does it have to be $75 after coupons or before?

    Thanks !!

  2. The SDM policy on this changed a few months ag0 – can”t seem to locate the place online but you could twitter it to ask them to confirm, Nadine. I printed it out when I saw it and keep it with my SDM ‘envelope’ and may have emailed you on it as well. Just a week or so ago, I was able to confirm that it works. It was automatically done at the till – so it is not the cashier who determines if you get the bonus card. In fact, she was surprised that my final bill was under $50 with tax and I still got the gift card! So now, SDM accepts that coupons are the same as cash payment.

    • good to know! I haven’t been shopping there as much this year at all for some reason so haven’t noticed. for this double double promo though i can see there could be a lot of confusion, will be up to cashier to give out gift cards so am curious to see how it turns out

  3. The SDM coupon policy states that for promotional events like spending $50, a vendor coupon counts toward the promotion total, meaning the value of the coupons will be included in the event purchase threshold. If you use a SDM store coupon (like a sticker on a jug of milk with a short expiry date), it’s value will be deducted and does NOT count toward the promotion total.

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