#SearsClubPoints Program!

10 Oct

Did you know that Sears have an amazing points program? If you use a Sears Financial Mastercard or a Sears card you are automatically enrolled in the program – which means you get all the perks of the program. 1000 points will earn you $10, it’s like getting 2% back on all your purchases. Which might not sound like a lot, but it adds up – and anything back on things you need is nice.

It’s super easy to redeem your points too, you can do it online at Sears.ca , at your local store or even by phone!

I received a card to test out how easy it is to shop with – and it’s the simplest thing ever. You pick what you want and you hand over the card and that’s it. The service we received was great, bought some new pillows and they bagged them and made a handle out of tape for us to carry them out with – and did I mention the pillows were buy one get one free!!! 🙂 There’s no lag or confusion at the checkout using the points at all – it went just as quickly as any other form of payment. We also decided to get a new coffee maker – the selection there was amazing. It took us 2 visits to actually narrow down which one we wanted – and being diligent I actually checked out the St. Vital location and on Regent to see if there was any difference using the card at either store – there wasn’t. We ended up finding a coffee maker which totally suited what we needed – didn’t even know it existed! The space we had for it under the cupboard wasn’t too tall – most wouldn’t fit so then it stuck out further on the counter. Delonghi actually makes one that isn’t as tall – and that you never have to open the lid at the top! The water area flips frontward so we aren’t having to pull the coffee maker from under the cupboard every time! 🙂 Always nice finding exactly what you need, especially when you don’t even know they make one like that.

So, all in all using the points was a breeze – I had fun window shopping around the store and checking out the sales. Did you know the store on Regent has a clearance section at the back, by the tools and seasonal stuff? If you already have a Sears card check out your points – if you plan on doing a lot of shopping at Sears, or are planning to book a trip there etc. check it out for sure – it can really add up! And splurging on a free item down the road is a nice treat! 🙂


Disclosure – I am participating in the Sears Club Points program by Mom Central Canada.  I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. I have a Sears Card (which automatically enrolls you in Sears Club) but had not been using it a lot when at Sears. The points expire after a while (I believe this is still the case) so I kept losing the points I had before I could redeem them. But then I realized that I could convert my points from PetroCanada into Sears Club points – so I converted $30 worth – and you can set it up so they send you the gift cards automatically when you reach $10. You have to ‘link’ the cards online – info is on the PetroPoints website. (You can convert 12,000 PetroPoints into 1000 Sears Club points, which, for me, was more useful. You can also transfer the other way. I also noted that if you have not used your Sears card in 12 months, it becomes ‘inactive’ – this must be a new policy as I did not know this.) Until July 2012, you could also use the Sears card at Petro Canada – and get points for gas etc. But you can still get PetroPoints for purchases and convert them to Sears Club points. They also occasionally send out bonus points offers (like HBC does) which can be good – some are for points and some for special offers on certain purchases.

    • that’s a great tip! Always worth looking more closely at the points programs you’re in and maxing out what you can get! 🙂

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