Flyer deals

8 Mar

Safeway having some special 5$ friday deals – tide, ribs, 2 bacons, or 3 breads. Rest of the week they have duracell bogof with 50 airmiles, cereal is 3 for 10$ with 30 airmiles, lots of fruit and veg on sale for 99 cents or less.

Sobey’s is having dollar days again, yay! Primo soups and beans are on sale – I love this because it’s a good time to stock up for summer salads and there’s usually a good variety of soup. For anyone with the fruit cup coupons they’re on sale for $1 again, maybe I’ll have to do another giveaway for these! Tons of fruit and veg on sale, good week to fill the crisper! Catelli pasta, sour  cream, bread and tons more all for 1$ each – great week to stock up!

4 Replies to “Flyer deals

    • Email me Michelle and I’ll send some out to you! 🙂 They are awesome, they last for months – I’m totally hooked on the citrus one, perfect snack.

  1. That would be awesome Nadine, thank you SO much. I’m addicted to the peaches. Perfect snack for the mid-morning at work!

  2. Can I email you as well for some coupons for the fruit cups? Up until recently my daughter use to come to work with me but is now attending a lunch program. So I know she would love some healthy snacks in her lunch. What is your email?

    In Peace & Friendship,

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