Flyer deals

13 Oct

London Drugs is having October Toy Blowout – up to 70% off!! Quick way to do a lot of xmas shopping in one shot! Does anyone know what our LD has for toys right now?

Safeway has spend 100$ get 100 airmiles from the 14th to 16th. Lots of buy one get one free this week, including my new favourite lunch, the summer fresh meals to go. You get a nice little salad, hummus, good crackers and a pack of trail mix! I’m totally hooked on these – I’ll be eating a lot of these this week! 🙂 Bogof on frozen meals, cookies, kd, yogourt, cereal etc.

Sobey’s has a case lot sale – if you’re looking to stock up on soup etc. this is the week. The Old El Paso kits are 3.69 if you’re wanting to get the free cheese coupons.

Superstore has spend 175$ and get a 125 piece box of halloween chocolate – worth 16$. Lots of sales on halloween candy, costumes and decorations. Huggies and Pampers are 2 for 25$ – I know there was someone looking for a Huggies sale!

Canadian Tire has Arm & Hammer laundry soap as the doorcrasher saturday morning – 2.97$, lots of coupons for this! Always great to stock up on laundry soap.

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  1. Sorry Nadine… this is clearly not the place to put this but I’m desperately looking for votes. (again not sure what your policy is on posting this stuff)

    Please vote for me. Jem & Pizzazz

    I love Halloween and usually get/make a new costume every year. This would save me tons every year!

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