Halloween in Winnipeg!

14 Oct

It’s almost time for one of the most fun days of the year! 🙂 Halloween rates high on the holiday meter in our house!!

Where are the best places to buy costumes, decorations, candy etc in Winnipeg? What is everyone handing out this year – I’m torn between giving out something healthy (ish), maybe little toys, or just flat out yummy candy and chocolate…. Our area isn’t great for trick or treating, I think in older areas there might be a lot of years where there’s almost no trick or treaters and people eventually just stop handing out candy. Hoping it improves this year – last year it was slim pickings and a lot of walking in between lit houses.

Are your kids dressing up at school? Are you going to check out Boo at the Zoo? If so, don’t forget there’s a 50% off coupon in the Show and Save. We still haven’t decided on our costume – for the school one we got a beautiful princess dress from Dress up and Play – awesome selection of costumes!!

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  1. We love halloween !!!! We decorate the house ,the yard and everything else ! We go to Boo at the zoo,but this year we might make a trip to the 6 pine farm as well.
    We mostly buy costumes or add ons on halloween , the deals are the best.
    For treats it’s chocolate all the way !!!!!
    Enjoy halloween !!!!

  2. I’m having a tough time finding a half decent quality costume for my 3-year-old. I’m specifically looking for a tiger or dog or other generic animal where most things I find are pirates/superheroes/Disney characters. Old Navy has some options but not what I am looking for this year. I tried Winners but can’t think of anywhere else to look (tried Superstore/Walmart).

    We only get a few kids so we can afford to pass out big candy bars. I think I’ll stock up at the dollar store but will only buy ones I don’t like to avoid eating them up myself. This means you, Oh Henry.

  3. FYI, I bought my 3 and 5 year old boys each a used costume from Value Village today. We got a pumpkin and lion suit. There was a large selection and I saw several different animal suits. The total cost for them was $10.48 which is very reasonable.
    Note: We went to the Regent location.

  4. We love Halloween!
    We deck out the yard and make our garage a haunted house! We buy all our candy (we get over 200 kids, because of our amazing set up) in september when the stores blow-out all their summer candy. We picked up big packs of skittles, and Maynards. We buy our costumes, candy and more decorations after halloween, when they are on sale for 60%-80% off.
    Spirit on Regent or St.James are great for costumes and decorations. If you sign up for their email, you can get 20% coupons.
    Party Stuff on Regent or Kenaston or Milt Stegall are good as well.

    @ARPL -don’t get fussy on the costume or pay too much, they grow out of them so quick, pick up anything that fits. In the end, when they are trick or treating no one knows what they are anyways and will call them a nice “lion” when the are a puppy anyways!!!

    After Halloween all the costumes go into their costume box, and it is Halloween all year long in our house!

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