Five Fun Fall Outings in Manitoba!

12 Sep

Fall is a fun time in Manitoba, the weather is still nice and the scenery outside is so great. Love the crunch and smell of fall leaves. Perfect time to get cozy gear on and head outside – plenty of time in the winter to stay indoors more.

  • Why not head out with a group of friends and check out some Spooky Spots? Most of these are outside, though I’m not sure how much time you’ll have to pay attention to scenery as you’re running scared 😉
  • Go check out a corn maze or a pumpkin patch – what’s more fall fun that a hayride or something like that? Great for the whole family and you can usually get all kinds of treats, plus pumpkins to bring home. Roast up the seeds or make some pie – love freezing it for winter baking and soups too!
  • Head to Narcisse and see the snakes returning home for winter! It’s a nice walk, get to see some snakes and wildlife and not as creepy as you might think. Really something everyone should go see at least once. Make sure to pack a picnic too, there’s nice areas to eat there, and not much in the area.
  • Check out a Fall Supper for the Ultimate fall Manitoban experience! Lots of great food, great desserts and great company! Meet new people, get to know those in your area or be brave and just head to a random town. I love how the food really changes from area to area, neat way to try some new stuff out, or have some childhood favourites.
  • Fall is the time for all of the Craft Shows and Sales in Manitoba – perfect time to shop for some really personal xmas gifts for friends and family, find all kinds of new vendors, and my favourite as always is to try all kinds of yummy treats!

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