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22 Feb

Cleaning the house. It has to be done, I know. Not one of my favourite things to do though. We have no carpets in our house, so it’s a lot of sweeping and mopping. Add in a kid and a guinea pig who likes to wander and it’s a lot of little messes to clean up.

I also have long hair, which somehow is always getting tangled on the broom and gets really gross to take off.

What are your cleaning issues?

When Libman asked me to try some of their items out, I was actually excited for it. All of their products can be used with any product you want – we stick to vinegar and water, so that’s a big thing for us.

You’d think it was Christmas morning when their stuff arrived….but, it was almost like they had been reading our minds! An upright dustpan with teeth that you can use to remove long hair and things that tangle up brooms – yes!

A wide broom to make clean up even faster – yes! Simple and easy to use and clean mops for every type of flooring – yes!

One of my fave items is the no knees floor scrubber – stiff brush for really stuck on messes! Can use it in the bathroom, kitchen etc. I think it’ll be awesome for giving the garage a great clean up this spring too!

My absolute fave item though is the Freedom Spray Mop. And they aren’t kidding with the name, really. This is total freedom for mopping. Fill up the tank with whatever you want – we just did vinegar and water. Pull the trigger and a huge spray of water comes out. It covers so much, like exactly the perfect amount of where you’re mopping. I find now that even when you go to mop just one room, you mop the whole house because it’s so quick and simple. Makes it easy to clean in tight spots too, and you can reuse and wash the pad up to 100 times. And best part – it’s fun for kids to use!

They have more traditional mops too if that’s more your thing – easy to wring out and reuse over and over again.

Great outdoor broom too, which is something every house needs. Quick snow clean up, leaves etc. are no match for this super wide broom!

I like how it was all easy to use, store and get clean after too. You can find all of their products at Home Depot and Canadian Tire, and the prices are super reasonable for the quality. When you do the same chores daily, saving a few minutes each time, and doing a better job of it is something great in my books! šŸ™‚

Happy to say that one lucky person will be winning a giant cleaning kit from Libman, they will get:


  • Wonder Mop
  • Extra Large Precision Angle Broom with Dustpan
  • Freedom Spray Mop
  • Tornado Mop
  • Upright Dustpan with handle
  • Ā 4 Gallon Clean & Rinse Bucket with Ringer
  • No Knees Floor Scrub
  • Wet & Dry Microfiber Mop
  • 24″ Multi-surface Push Broom

Here are your ways to enter:

1 – Comment with which cleaning job you dread the most

2 – Check out the Libman site and see which cleaning product you’d love to try out

3 – Post a link to this giveaway on facebook and comment that you did so

4 – Like the Libman Company on facebook and comment that you did so

Giveaway is open to all Canadians and will end Friday March 2nd at noon! Good Luck everyone!


Thanks to the Libman Company for all the fun cleaning things to try out – and all the opinions above are mine, and mine alone of course! I really do hate to clean! šŸ™‚


****CLOSED – Congrats to Susan C. who wins the big kit!

109 Replies to “Enter to win an amazing cleaning package from The Libman Company ****CLOSED

  1. I have to say I hate cleaning period! I do it because I have to, but…. Bathrooms and floors are the worst, followed by windows and walls. Makes me tired just thinking about it šŸ™‚

  2. Bathrooms for me, but the Freedom spray mop is the one that has my interest
    Liked and shared on Facebook. Posted and liked on Facebook

  3. I dislike mopping my floors. It is difficult to find a time where my family won’t be walking through them and I still have energy to do them. I still haven’t quite figured out how to make them beautifully streak-free.

    • After checking out the website, I would love to try mopping with the freedom spray mop. I’ve liked the Libman Company.

  4. I really dislike sweeping as the dog hair always seems to run away from me lol. And I hate windows. Would like to try the Freedom Spray Mop. I have shared this on Facebook and I have liked Libman on Facebook. Thank you for the opportunity.

  5. Hate bathrooms and floors! Would love the broom and no knees floor scrubber! Checked out the Libman site, shared link and liked the Libman Facebook! Thank you

  6. My most dreaded chore… sweeping the floor. I don’t mind washing them, but the dry sweep gets to me. Maybe it’s because we have to do it a lot in my home?? lol

  7. I’d love to try the freedom spray mop. I love having the liquid solution attached to the mop. It means that both my hands can maneuver the mop itself.

  8. I don’t Like mopping floors much.Would love to try the freedom mop
    .All the cleaning products look great. Liked&shared on Facebook. Checked out the Libman Company.. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

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