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10 Jul

real escape


The 4th giveaway in our celebration is a really fun and unique outing! If you’re looking for something creative and different to do as a group, the Real Escape is a great option! Your team will be locked in a mysterious room filled with puzzles and clues. YOU HAVE 1 HOUR TO ESCAPE. Use logic, skill, speed and teamwork to master the game and complete the tasks required to walk out the final door before the hour ends. Current room on now: Escape From Death Row.

Sounds like something that would be fun for a group of friends, family or even as teambuilding for the workplace.

I love following them on facebook, you get to see who makes it and who doesn’t. This is on our list of things to do this summer, the kiddo really wants to try it out.

And one lucky person will be winning one free escape game for up to 8 people!

Here are your ways to enter:

1 – Check out their website and comment with who you’d take with you. Any strategy involved?

2 – Like their page on facebook and comment that you did so.

3 – Follow The Real Escape on twitter and comment that you did so.

4 – Tweet out the link to this giveaway and comment that you did so.

5 – Post the link to this giveaway as your facebook status and comment that you did so.

Make sure to read the rules here – and the giveaway will end friday July 17th at noon – good luck everyone!

103 Replies to “Enter to win a game at the Real Escape!

  1. Read all about escape from death row on their website… check! Liked on Facebook…check! Following on twitter… check! Tweeted a link to the giveaway…check! Posted the giveaway link as my status… check!

    I have a few friends in mind that I would definitely bring. We’re all such different people that we’d have all sorts of different angles and understandings of the clues covered! That’s my strategy.

  2. Love this place! Some friends and I have been and would love to go back because we are now addicted to escape rooms because of them! Have checked out their webpage, liked their facebook page and shared the giveaway on my facebook post!

  3. I’d take my sister and BIL, my hubby, my BFF and her significant other, my Mom and I’d have to think of one other person to choose! No strategy really, just for a good time out!!!

  4. Liked, followed, shared, encouraged! Would absolutely take the rest of The Escape Junkies (my husband and two of our friends) with me!

  5. I’d take our escape room group with me we’ve done a bunch of rooms but haven’t done their new one yet.

  6. I am following on Facebook! I will post the link to this giveaway on my Facebook page. I have been wanting to try this for a few months! I’d take my husband and six of our friends! We need a night out doing challenging puzzles!

  7. I think it would be interesting to go with some coworkers, and see how well we can work together…good team building.

  8. I would take my partner, his brother & fiancee plus my 3 daughters who are super duper smart! We would rock those puzzles!

  9. I like The Real Escape on Facebook as Lori Lewis! (FYI, the link from this page isn’t working at the moment)

  10. I like @TheRealEscape on Twitter as @Miss_Elles (FYI, the link from this page isn’t working at the moment)

  11. Liked and shared on facebook.

    I’d love to take my sister and some friends. Looks like it would be lots of fun!

  12. I would take my husband Craig as we love Escape Rooms. After being married for almost 10 years, and travelling together, good strategy is what we’re all about. 😉

    Thanks for this chance to win & good luck everyone!

  13. I’d bring my dad and my younger sister for sure. Their calm, cool, collected problem-solving skills would be an asset to our team. Any my niece and nephews, who are always game for adventure, fun.

  14. posted link to this giveaway on FB. 🙂 Thanks, Nadine. My list of people I’d take if I win is getting longer by the minute!

  15. Would love to go there with my family. I’d also bring in my cousins, the only family we have have here. I have posted this on my wall n like their fb page.

  16. Just checked out their website. Looks so fun! I would take my husband and our good friends. Although this would be a fun event to do with co-workers, too!

  17. I’d take my sister and my boyfriend… two people who have already seen me panic and get frustrated. As for the 4th person… I’m not sure.

    Liked of facebook

  18. 1. I shared the link on my page! and 2. I also checked out their website and I’d like to take my brother, sister, my oldest son and a few friends to this. It’d be so much fun! And 3. I liked their page on Facebook too 🙂

  19. I would take some of my co-workers.
    Liked their Facebook page
    Followed them on twitter
    Tweeted the link
    Shared on Facebook

  20. My fiancé and I were just talking yesterday about getting a group together to do this!
    Just checked out the website and read all about it. Obviously I’d take my fiancé and we’d bring a well selected group of friends/family with us! We’d have a couple gamers in the group which, according to their website, is a popular type of game player because the game is developed to replicate computer based games. I think with our diverse group of people we could beat it!
    Had already liked on Facebook.
    Shared on Facebook.
    I do not have a twitter account….
    Good luck everyone!

  21. Followed, liked, tweeted and shared.
    I would want to win for my hubby to take some of his buddies there. Sounds like fun!

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