Easy Peasy Patches – Review and Giveaway

30 Nov

easy peasy  If your kids are anything like mine – they wear holes in everything!! For us the worst one is skipants, you spend money on a good pair so the kids stay warm…and then they come home with holes in them! Mine loves to kneel down and build stuff in the rocky playground, so this is a yearly occurrence for us, also sliding around on her knees on the ice and snow hills. This year it didn’t take long for her brand new ski pants to have 2 small holes, and every day it got worse. The stuffing started to come out – we used red tape hoping to patch it up a bit, that held for a few minutes. I didn’t want to get ugly patches to iron on, and the rest of the ski pants were still like new.

Easy Peasy patches to the rescue!! They have a huge selection of adorable patches – all different types and sizes for all kinds of problems. Couldn’t be easier to use. Stick them on over the hole, pop the item into the dryer for a few minutes to set and you’re done!! My husband was really wowed about how easy it was, and how well they’re holding up to her abuse!

Kiddo’s had hers on for over a week now and no peeling or anything. The thing I really like is that it looks cute and fun, and it extends the life of the pants so much longer! I always like to donate her stuff at the end of the season, and now I will be able to since they look so fun! It can be a fashion statement for the kid, and you know it just saved you big time!

You can use these patches on clothing, backpacks – pretty much anything that needs a patch! Such a huge money saver, just repair what you have and move on in seconds! 🙂 A super green solution to a problem all parents face.

And thanks to Easy Peasy one lucky person will be winning $25 worth of patches of their own!

Here are your ways to enter:

1 – Check out their site and comment with which design you like the best

2 – Comment with what you have right now that could use an Easy Peasy patch

3 – Tweet out the link to this giveaway and comment that you did so – you can earn a daily entry for this one!

Make sure to comment seperately for each one. Giveaway open to all Canadians and will end Wednesday Dec. 4th at noon! Good Luck!

53 Replies to “Easy Peasy Patches – Review and Giveaway

  1. My little guy would love the one that looks like the Minecraft characters. My favourites are the the bacon and eggs and smart cookie. I love easy peasy patches. I ve used them many times and have re ordered too. A great product!

  2. My guy has a pair of wind pants that need a quick fix and my daughters’ ski pants have the same issue as yours Nadine, constantly on her knees building “forts” in the snow/rocks

  3. Love these! My sons are notorious for wearing holes in the knees of their pants and right now we have at least half a dozen pairs that need patching. Love the hockey and pirate themed patches!

  4. These are so cute, beats the duct tape solution my husband did on my boys skipants last year. Definitely could use these on quite a few pair of their jeans.

  5. My daughter CONSTANTLY wears out the knees of her jeggings/leggings! I can’t seem to have enough pairs of black leggings to keep replacing the ones that come home with holes (they are a staple in her wardrobe!)

  6. My favorite purse can use a patch, you know, the one with the hole in it, but you can’t just give it up, but you can’t use it either! It would be fun to add a patch to that!

  7. I could use a patch on my sons track pants! I don’t know what it is about little boys crawling around so much, but the thin material of track pants is very discouraging! Thankfully ski pants are still in tack!

    • They held up great! 🙂 She was able to keep wearing the ski pants all winter long until she outgrew them, and we actually passed them onto a friend. Patches and all since were still cute that way.

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