Easter clearance

9 Apr

It’s a good week to stock up on your favourite snacks, since the stores are clearing out all the Easter chocolate for 50% off. There’s a lot of other fun stuff on clearance too, craft supplies, some neat loot bag toys (i saw eggs in the shape of dinosaurs filled with stickers at superstore, very cute) – lots of great supplies for baking also!

What are your favourite things to stock up on after a holiday? I stocked up on some mommy chocolates today, nice to get lindt half price! 🙂

4 Replies to “Easter clearance

  1. Half price Easter packs of 4 Kinder eggs for $2.04 at RCSS. Regular price is $1.19 per egg! Great to put away for occasional treats for my 3-year old son. He loves the chocolate, Dad loves the toys.

  2. ALL Easter candy is on sale at Shopper’s for $1 or less – AMAZING deals! (Ex 400g bag of Mini Eggs for $1)

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