Coupon Giveaway – and money saving tips!

8 Apr

With all the coupon inserts lately I think it’s time for a giveaway! Each winner will receive an envelope full of coupons!

To enter, comment below with your best money saving tip. There’s always lots of new people on the site, and using coupons is a great money saver – but give me your weird ones, original stuff – what you’ve found saves your family the most $$$! 🙂 I love when people share their tips, I’ve used a lot of them myself.

To earn a 2nd entry post this giveaway up somewhere online – facebook, twitter, chat group….whatever you choose!

Giveaway open to all Canadians, and will end Wednesday April 11th at noon. For 0-99 entries I’ll do 1 winner, 100-149 3 winners, 150-199 5 winners and so on! Good Luck everyone!

47 Replies to “Coupon Giveaway – and money saving tips!

  1. well, i don’t know if this counts but, to save on clothes, when my man stains a white tshirt really bad ( armpits n collar ) I simply die it black and he doesnt know the difference. Thinks he has an extra black shirt lol and It saves on buying a new shirt lol

  2. I always keep my flyers on hand and pricematch. I can always use a manufacturers coupon on top of the pricematch. I like to carry my coupons and follow facebook groups such as this one 🙂

  3. Signing up at means they sometimes send you coupons for their great products in the mail…or free samples!

  4. “Like” all the Canadian coupon/deal sites on facebook. They notify you right away of the latest deals/coupons/freebies. Searching yourself takes too much time! So they are money savers and time savers!

  5. before I head south of the border for shopping trips-I love to go through coupons for Americans, sign up for email service from the American stores I love and go to the Free Press to check out deals on hotels- they usually have really good coupons! Also, I’m generally there around my birthday so I like to research birthday freebies for the USA before I go. Research can make all the difference in turning a good deal into a great one!

  6. Use your flyers – check out the lost liters usually the front page and price match instead of going each store.

  7. Save on downtown parking on Saturdays! Many parking pay stations downtown have little blue stickers saying 2 hours free parking on Saturday – I saw a lot of cars who had paid for parking and didn’t need to. I don’t know if they all do, but any I’ve been at the last few months have had the free parking on Saturday sticker. So if you go downtown on a Saturday, check the paystation carefully for the little blue sticker that says free on Saturdays!

  8. My saving tip for my family is to let my wife do all the shopping as I have no idea of prices 🙂
    I think if I were to do it I would be WAY over budget.

  9. Honestly, all my couponing tips I have learned on this site, so anything that savingmoneyinwinnipeg recommends works well for me. I have even been converted to a Safeway and Shoppers Drug Mart customer!!!!

  10. I love to travel, so when it comes to booking hotels I use and bid on rooms. I usually save 50% or more on hotel rooms.
    I also mystery shop to save money on outings, on places like grocery stores and restaurants.

  11. Bring your coupons with you! you can’t use them if you don’t have them LOL. Always check for the nice 50% off stickers at Superstore and SDM because you can use a manufactuer coupon along with it equaling some pretty great sales!

  12. Use your local Library. Not just to read books but for magazines and movies too. My kids love going picking out a few movies and tons of books each week.
    Another one is plant a garden! Even if you don’t want to start seeds in the house early (this is the lowest cost) buying a few plants from a greenhouse will also save tons of money. If all you have room for is a large pot – plant lettuce or spinach.

  13. always have your favorite and most used coupons in your purse at all times in case you do a last minute shopping trip and are fully ready.

  14. I try to match coupons with flyer sales. My kids started a bad habit of leaving lights on so now I am telling them it will save us money to turn them off after they are done. (every little thing helps)

  15. watch the price as the cashier scans your items in-you never know when you might be able to catch an error and use SCOP! I got $10.00 off my diapers last week! After they were on sale and I used a coupon.

  16. Plan ahead before getting behind the wheel.

    – Make quick stops on the way to/from work instead of making a separate trip on the weekend.
    – Route errands well so that you save mileage, time, and gas.
    – Walk instead of driving where possible (good for our health too!).
    – Carpool, even if it’s just a day or two per week.

    With the price of gas these days… and foecasted increases this summer, it pays to think ahead.

  17. This isn’t exactly a tip, but if you have a Coop store near to you, they have a lot of the Dare Products on 2/5$. Beside them on the shelf is a mail-in rebate for a 15$ gift card when you buy 5 products. That means you can pay 12.50 + postage for a 15$ gift card and get 5 Dare products as well.

  18. I love to get air miles and sdm points so I shop when it is 20 times and load up when the air miles are good

  19. I always watch Walmart’s meat department for 30% off stickers and try to match them with coupons. I’m on the Marc Angelo (?) Fan Page and they keep sending me $1 off coupons. Yesterday I got a package with 6 fairly large Turkey Sausages for 30% off ($3.40) PLUS used a $1 off coupon ($2.40). That will feed my family (my 4 year old, my husband & I) with left overs. When I bring the 30% off meat home it goes straight to the freezer.

  20. Shop at Costco with a friend who likes the same things you do. That way you can split the cost of larger food packages and meat and you don’t end up eating the same things day after day after day! 🙂

  21. plant some things in a garden in the summer, growing your own veggies is a good idea! Kids love playing in the dirt to grow things! 🙂

  22. Bought Easter items this year after Easter for next year….all 50% off!!!! (Did not get chocolate but everything else!)

  23. I work for safeway, so get 10% off all safeway branded items…so we’ve been trying those out and really loving everything. Shopping on 10% off day really saves us a lot.

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