Disney tickets for 1$!

3 Jan

Jan 5th starting at 10am you can purchase a ticket for the Disney on Ice show for just 1$ at the MTS centre – limit of 6 per person, and it’s while supplies last…

You can find out all the details about it here – so, what do you guys think…will there be a lot of tickets? Has anyone heard how many? I’m tempted, but with the limit of 6 rule I think they will go really fast.

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  1. Well I work across the street from the MTS centre, so I might just try to get some $1 tickets. Maybe I’ll bring a friend and see if we can get more. As I would want to get 4 for myself as well as 3 for my girlfriend and her two kids.

    • Just called – it’s 1$ flat out, no extra fees. They are discouraging people from lining up early – they are opening the doors at 10am and handing out #’s or something like that to even out the odds. I calculated it and there’s enough tickets for 100 people if everyone buys 6. It’s 18 and up only to buy tickets which is great, that way people can’t bring 5 kids along to buy them all up. Would hate to see these being scalped.

  2. I`m a bit hesitant… They advertised it on the news last night that they are selling a total of 100 tickets for 1$. I don`t start work until noon tomorrow, and am contemplating dropping by…. But by the time you pay for parking and stand in line, it would be a bummer if you didn`t them… I would be looking for 4 tickets and would turn around and walk out if there was 17 people in front of me in line, assuming everyone would be trying to take advantage of getting 6 each… Could be a great deal, or a potential waste of a few hours of my life… By the time I drive my kids to daycare and drive to the city, I couldn`t get there much before 945… I may do a drive by anyways…

    Speaking of which, where would people line up? inside the MTS Center entrance or outside of the building? That would suck to find parking then go inside to discover 100 people!

    • I think it will be a zoo – the random line up # thing is going to mess everything up – no real way to know if you will get tickets or not, even while you’re waiting there. Who knows what # you will draw? Could get there early and draw a # over 100.

  3. Where did you get the info from about 100 people, 6 tickets?!?!? The new said 100 tickets on sale, and nothing about the first 100 people… If it”s the first 100 people that would be worth my time rather then trying to be one of the first 16….

    • It’s not the first 100, but they are selling 600 tickets so if everyone picks up 6 (which most will) then it will only be for 100 people. All depends on the draw of which 100 of them get them.

  4. Did anyone get tickets? My husband went & said the lineup was 300+ deep, he turned around & left. He said there were lots of moms with kids there.

    • My husband went around 9, he ended up only being able to get 2 tickets, but better than nothing. From what we were discussing on facebook it was about 50/50. Anyone who got there early didn’t get tickets

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