Free cereal coupon day

3 Jan

Today is the day to cash in your Websaver coupon for your free box of Special K – it’s only valid today so make sure to use it if you’re a the store! It’s for blueberry or oats & honey – I think these will be a lot easier to find than the last free giveaway was. Post up what store you found it at just in case it is hard to find! 🙂

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  1. The 2 stores we have here in NL didnt have any Oats N Honey and only 1 box of Blueberry,so I they let me have Vanilla Almond instead.:) I got 1 blueberry and 2 vanilla almond special k! 🙂

  2. The Pembina Village safeway had lots of both choices…the blueberry ones had coupons for $5 off all bran bars, special k bars, cereal, etc.

  3. This one should have been easier to find since it was not a new-new product. I had seen it on shelves at Safeway and Family Foods for some time, even before the coupon was offered. When I got the coupon in the mail, I showed it to one of the senior people at Safeway Customer Service at the location I go to as a ‘heads-up’ and she wrote it down and thanked me for letting them know. The last time there was a one-day cereal coupon, for cheerios or fibre-one, it was a new product and Safeway did not have them in stock yet. My husband was going to try the new box last night until he found they were not like regular Special K, but flakes – so he ate Corn Flakes instead/ I also got a box with $5 worth of coupons printed on it, good until March 2012.

  4. My husband went to the RCSS on Gateway yesterday morning about 9:30 and picked up 3 boxes of the blueberry (my coupon, my daughters and my son’s). They had pallets of the Special K in a different area of the store and the stock person he talked to said they had put out 80 cases of it and they were less than half left when he was there. I had completely forgotten about the boxes being marked with coupons or for the exercise mat until last night. When I checked our boxes were for the exercise mat so I carefully opened them and got the PIN codes and ordered my mat last night.

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