Customer Service – improved or declined?

25 Nov

I’ve had a few emails lately from people who have really noticed Customer Service around the city declining – rude employees, stores understocked, promotions etc. not being upheld….

I haven’t noticed too much of this, since I only shop at a few stores – and avoid the ones I had bad experiences in the past. One of our local stores never has stock anymore – and I’ve complained a few times but it never gets resolved…same with the expired products still on the shelves. Also, same local store a few weeks ago when we got the first snow…2 or 3 tills open, lineups going all the way down the actual aisles – and nothing was done about it. We waited in line 25 minutes before reaching checkout – we really needed those groceries otherwise I’d normally walk out.

We have had some great customer service lately also – friendly produce employees, great help at self checkout. My husband bought new work boots at Mark’s yesterday, instead of being led to the most expensive boots the employee listened to what he did for a living, understood completely and led us to those he thought were the best choice. And they really were – I love when employees know the products they’re selling! Also, super friendly staff at the Lindt store the last time I went, I love shopping there.

Where have you had good, or bad customer service lately? Do you find it’s just one employee, or the mindset of the entire┬ácompany? Any stores win you over lately – or lose you entirely as a customer?

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  1. Well even though it was pretty busy on Friday at Toys R Us I was able to ask a really busy assistant where to find things really helpful and when I went to get my price adjustment it was a breeze no probs very helpful in such a busy day at the Kildiban store!

  2. My son had a great experience at our Marks Work Warehouse (PoloPark)
    He needed Black Steel Toes for his new job at Ikea…. He needed a sz 14 and they tracked a pr down for him from another store, brought them over and even honoured the other stores Sale Price! That’s Service ­čÖé
    On the other hand I ran into a brick wall at Unicity Walmart. I was there 9 days ago and they only had Seasonal Cashiers on the reg. checkouts (I know my reg. cashiers there by name) I told her I was pricematching and using coupons. Rang thru all my reg items. She was having issues with the coupons, trying to tell me i couldn’t use them… because they were PHOTOCOPIES!!! I had some black and white $3 Living Well Tylenol coupons, the $2 Glad FB Printable and 1 or 2 other B&W… NOT PHOTOCOPIES! The CSM took over from there and she started in on me about NOT be able to PM & Coupon as that in her book was stacking…
    . Afterwards she asked me to come over to the customer svc desk. we talked for about 15 min. What it came down to was their store had been burnt by several hundred $$$ worth of bad printable coupons. The Comapanies refused to reimburse the coupons b/c in their words they were altered from Colour to B&W… So from now on IF an Internet coupon presented doesn’t say Internet Coupon or have a traceable website ( etc) they will NOT accept it period.
    B&W coupons are a no go. Doesn’t matter how its worded… The other issue that came up was Unilever/Colgate Palmolive coupons which have no barcode… I ended up leaving them at the til, it kills me that 2 of them were in~store hang tag $1 coupons on Tresemme Products…
    Their manager Gyles backed up their CS Manager. Emailed head office and got an auto reply,: Stores reserve the right to refuse any coupon upon presentation… Ellice is my home WM but they are the worst when it comes to pricematching.

  3. I was in Zellers in Fort Richmond looking for a specific toy on sale on Thursday last week. The clerk was putting up the signs for the sales that started on Friday and was able to let me know that it wasn’t on sale next week either. She thought a moment and said “I’m pretty sure it’s on the week after though” and went to her cart and checked the flyer for two weeks ahead. She really didn’t have to do that and I really appreciated it. ­čÖé

  4. I had 2 total different experiences at regent walmart this thurs n friday.
    Thursday I went and got a bunch of free stuff that I had FPC’s and some travel stuff just to get out of the house and at cash I PM’d the stayfree with Superstore to get them for free. First of all, my cashier was this elderly woman who was yelling at me cause she was deaf. Then she was irritated that I was getting everything for free. Then when I PM’s the pads and gave her the coupons for $2 off she started full on yelling at me stating they cant do that. I was calm and just laughed it off as she called me a liar and said she doesnt care what I have to say so I waited for the manager who of course said it was fine and made her look stupid. But she did embarass me in front of many people as she caused a huge scene yelling at me rudely.
    So, then on the complete opposite ! I went to walmart on friday and had 6 FPC’s from the orville contest and a FPC for the johnson & johnson travel take and go pack, so I bought 6 popcorns and 1 travel baby kit and my total was $3.16 of just tax and the sweet girl at the cash was like oh whatever and deleted the tax making my total $0.00 !! That was cool.

  5. I’m pretty ticked off with Toys R Us right now. I purchased 4 items about a week and a half ago and this week 3 out of 4 of the items went on sale! I emailed them twice about it and even though it says on the website that they will respond in 48 hours I have been waiting since last Thursday! I am on my way down there today to get my price adjustment. I really wanted to avoid going to the store which is why I bought online!

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