Mark’s 20% off sale tonight!

24 Nov

  Mark’s is having their 20% off sale tonight – went to check out the store on Regent today and there are some amazing deals.

First thing, don’t forget about the giftcard promo – buy $100 in giftcards and get a $20 giftcard usable after dec. 1st. So, if you’re going to be buying a lot it’s worth it to pop in early and get some. A little extra reward! 🙂

There were tons of great sales going on, and also racks and racks of 50% clothing!! The 20% off discount tonight is on clearance too!!

Saw some really neat gift ideas too, from pj’s, books – even a snowball thrower for the kiddos (or young at heart).

If you’re going tonight, give yourself some time – it will be pretty busy. And if you go, let me know what you got! 🙂

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