Culture Days Manitoba 2014

24 Sep

If you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, check out the stuff happening around the province for Culture Days! There’s events friday, saturday and sunday at all different locations and times.

There are 353 activities in Manitoba – so definitely something for everyone! You can search for activities for kids, by the day, by the city or town you’d want to check out – or see the full list here.

It’s a great time to get out and visit some new towns – but there’s also a lot of places right in the city so it’s convenient and accessible to all.

We’ve had fun in previous years just picking a town we’ve never been to and seeing what they have to offer – ends up being a fun adventure and get to learn and see a lot of new things. All kinds of fun community events happening and looks like we will have a great weekend for it!

If you’re staying in the city and are feeling adventurous check out Nuit Blanche – lots of activities and it’s from dusk to dawn so make sure to have some coffee on hand! No sleep, only Art! That sounds pretty fun !

What are you planning to check out for Culture Days? I’m still planning our weekend – any must sees?

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