Coupon Stacking update at London Drugs

21 Sep

Here are the original rules I had obtained from the awesome management at London Drugs St. Vital in April for a refresher:

There has been some confusion in the past couple of month’s regarding our Coupon Policy here at London Drugs, especially here in Winnipeg. In February, our Coupon Policy was changed slightly to reflect the changing language on coupons. As you have all been witness too, the language on coupons has been changing over the past few months. There are now more restrictions on them with some limiting stacking all together.
With that said, we have looked at some of the coupons coming in and some of the wording is confusing at best. With this in mind, the same rules apply when stacking coupons at London Drugs as outline below in our Coupon policy. The change is we will not stack any coupons that have language stating it cannot be used with any other coupon or coupon offer. Coupons with language along the lines of “offer” or “promotion” will be stackable.
This has been communicated to our front line staff but with the ever changing language on coupons there may still be some confusion. We ask that you remain patient with us as you always are.

• The amount of the coupon. This is the maximum amount that coupon can be redeemed for

• Expiry date has not been exceeded

• Is redeemable in Canada(has a Canadian Clearing House mailing address)

• The product named on the coupon has been purchased

• The size and/or flavour of the item, as stated on the coupon, have been purchased

• The required number of items has been purchased

• If a coupon states it cannot be used or combined with any other COUPON offer, then that coupon cannot be used with other coupons.

• Only one coupon per purchase. This means only one of this exact type of coupons can be used. (multiple coupons can be used as long as they are all different)

• Taxes: see question below tax wording

If there are any questions about our Coupon Policy please feel free to contact Derek (Store Manager) or Josh (Assistant Store Manager). The phone number is 253-1650.

They have updated the rules a bit – if you place a special order through Josh or Derek you can buy more than 2! This can’t be done with price matching, has to be a regular or sale price at London Drugs. Perfect if you want to stock up on a certain item, you won’t be clearing the shelves and it keeps it fair for everyone! If anyone is ever confused about the rules, or you do want to place a special order feel free to contact Josh or Derek – they are great to deal with and it can really help to keep coupon stacking organized and stress free for everyone! 🙂

Also, side note – please remember that everything on this site, and my old site is copyrighted by me. If you want to use any of the info for your own site or facebook group etc. please contact me to ok it or simply place a link. I’m getting several emails from you guys (awesome) reporting groups using my info as their own. I deal with a lot of companies and try my best to get you the most current and up to date info that I can – it doesn’t fall out of the sky! 😉  And I don’t just copy/paste it from other sites! It’s always relevant info for Winnipeg! I do really appreciate everyone keeping an eye out for me, you guys are the best!

5 Replies to “Coupon Stacking update at London Drugs

  1. I’ve seen some of that on facebook… People don’t realize copying the whole article and posting it on facebook is also breaking the copyright rules…

  2. Canadian Copyright law in this case does not cover the author of this site as what is posted here has actually been copied from a communication with the manager at London Drugs, therefore unless permission has been obtained from the individual who originally wrote this the author of this site has already broken copyright law.

    • Nice try! Of course I’ve gotten permission! That’s why he sent to me, it was for my use only. So, if you are using our info, at least post a link. It’s not always even just the copyright infringement, it’s common courtesy.

  3. Thanks for the updated rules Nadine. I was just getting used to stacking coupons at LD and then all of the changes started happening, and with a certain CSM there, it wasn’t worth the hassle of going anymore. I just wait for sales now and watch for clearance items to make the best use of coupies.

    • Completely agree with you. Too much hassle/work involved for little return. And you are right, just by waiting for a sale and using one coupon if just as good of a deal if not more, especially with the Walmart sale this week and next.

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