A free Jets night out!

21 Sep

First of all I have to thank Jetter for having an amazing website ! As a lot of you know I was very lucky and won some Jets tickets from there this month – and my husband thanks everyone who helped out with this! I was a bit skeptical at first – sounded a bit too good to be true. A pair of Jets tickets and a dinner out? And this guy will be doing this a lot? What? Really?

So, now that I’ve covered the emotions I went through 😉 let’s get to the good stuff. It was true, and better than we imagined! My husband and a friend went out on their little “date” night! They started out with an amazing dinner at Hy’s – yum!

Steak and Lobster dinner pregame? They had a blast at the restaurant! Both were really impressed with the food and service, everything was perfect. They got validated parking and walked over to the game after – underground and out of the rain!

So, you’d think winning tickets that they’d be nosebleeds, right? My thought was better than nothing – so when we found out the section we couldn’t believe it. The seats are great! My husband couldn’t believe how close they were! The atmosphere of the game was like a playoff game he thought, and this is from a hockey nut who was  a Canucks season holder! The lineups for everything were crazy long – he was able to get in the store and pick up a tee for himself and our daughter. I wasn’t sure about the new look at first, but love all that new merchandise!

You can see here how close they were – this pic is just with my husband’s cell phone.

Want to win your own dinner out and Jets tickets? Make sure to check out http://www.jetsareback.com – this is going to be the go to site for all the Jets fans! There’s a forum, lots of neat info – and did I mention, FREE JETS TICKETS!!! 😉

I’m spreading the word, check out the site, tell your friends and family! The guys had a perfect night out, tasty dinner, wicked seats…and you can have the exact same night out!

A big thanks to the best Jets fan out there, Jetter!

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