Coupon Giveaway! :)

28 Aug

I think it’s time for another coupon giveaway! πŸ™‚Β  I bought a cute box at Dollarama for my extras and it’s full again! Even with all the coupon chains I’ve been sending out! I didn’t add it up but it will be a lot of good grocery and household products. Let’s make it fun…let’s say for 1-100 entries I’ll pick 1 winner, for 101-150 entries I’ll pick 2, 151-200 I’ll pick 3 and so on.

A few ways to enter too. For your first entry post a tip or a joke or something fun in the comments. To earn a 2nd entry join the facebookΒ group and comment seperately that you did so – if you’re already a member post that up. For a 3rd entry follow me on twitter – another comment for that. Pretty good odds! πŸ™‚

Contest open to all Canadians and will end Wednesday August 31st at noon. Good Luck to everyone and don’t forget to spread the word, the more entries the more winners for this one.

96 Replies to “Coupon Giveaway! :)

  1. Dollarama and I are best friends!!! However, my bank account is jealous of it. πŸ˜€

    Tip: Every week that the Free Press has the coupon book in I buy it at the Dollarama here in Portage. At Dollarama the Sat Free Press is only $1.50.

  2. Not only do I follow you on Twitter, you follow me!! (not that I’m ever on there) AND I retweened about this give away.

  3. involving your children when searching for and using coupons is fun for both of you especially when they see how much is saved.

  4. Tip: Use the Library! I’ve saved loads of money by borrowing the books we read for book club from the library rather than buying them.

  5. Here’s a tip: Look online for the store you’ll be making a purchase at before you leave the house. I saved some money at Michael’s this weekend by finding their coupons first!

  6. I try to go grocery shopping early and scope out the “clearance” meat….its best before date is usually the next day and then I freeze it. Usually either 30 or 50% off.

  7. Tip: Train your kids early. It’s funny when you hear your little ones playing “store” and you hear “Here’s your coupon” or ” It’s on sale” or “That’s cheap” . They learn fast. I love it!

  8. Tip – garden salsa! Planted everything I need for free (saved seeds from our plants last year) and have made lots of salsa.

  9. Use hair conditioner to shave your legs in the shower. It saves on buying another product and leaves your skin so soft.

  10. I like the site, they have lots of coupons on there and they come in the mail usually with in days.

    I am also a Facebook follower and love that you post lots of info on there!!

  11. Tip: don’t forget to always look for in store coupons, and use them along with coupons you already have for great savings!

  12. I would love some coupons!
    My shaving tip: You can reuse your husband’s “used” razor on your legs. There is usually still lots of life left in them.

  13. We have a pregancy/new baby item exchange between a group of girlfriends. It keeps the cost of maternity clothes and play/essential new baby items down to a minimum.

  14. Hey I love coupons but they don’t love me! My house never gets coupons ever! I certainly would love to win a coupon giveaway though!

  15. I am a FB trekkie.
    My hint is to purchase coupons on e-bay. I have done extremely well with my buys and have only had a few duds LOL. DO NOT BUY “surprise” or “”mystery” packages, not worth it. Usually get an envelope full of P & G coupons or lots of doubles.
    Buy only what you want, be sure you can use up the coupons by the expiry day and remember to figure in postage cost to see if it is really a deal.
    Good Luck…
    Check out BLUE CRICKET DESIGN for a great tutorial for a COUPON CART CADDY!!!

  16. My tip of the day is to try more then once to get coupons on line! I just tried the 3$ off Cottenelle again (I printed it 2 weeks ago) and it let me print another! YAHOO! SDM here I come πŸ™‚

  17. Joke: After my sister was away for two and a half weeks on a trip to Africa, my four year-old niece quipped, “Mom, now that you’re home, I think we should celebrate by taking a trip to Toys R Us.” Made my day!

  18. “A man will pay $10 for a $5 item he needs…a woman will pay $5 for a $10 item that she doesn’t need, because it’s on sale” πŸ™‚ I love coupons!!! I follow you on facebook & twitter…happy couponing!!!

  19. Fun hmmm, listening to the kids talk while driving to the city
    my son says to his friend “in life I never will go to college.”
    she replies “me neither its not worth it you can make sooo much money by the fast way!”
    now that has my attention “why no college don’t you like school?”
    my son replies “mama you dont really go to school in life you just pretend”
    after discussing this with them, I realized they were talking about the ‘game of Life’ not real life whoops!

  20. Always to get together with other family members when shopping for deals. Alot of coupons are only valid when you buy more than one of an item so share the cost, share the items, and save all around ! I’m a fb, twitter follower as well !

  21. I agree with teaching your kids. My kids always remind me of my coupons or want to stop at the coupon board at the grocery store!!

  22. Tip…check the manufacturer’s websites for coupons. I’ve found numerous coupons this way, that are never found in stores.

  23. Grr….the last one went twice. Sorry.

    My tip: I live right by the Palliser clearance outlet (off Plessis, between Regent and Dugald). I honestly don’t remember the last time I paid full price for furniture…..They have amazing quality stuff for very low prices!

  24. FB/Twitter follower

    I have always loved your tips. You have saved me a ton of money! My tip is to always call the company if you have an issue with their product. I have been given some pretty sweet coupons

  25. My tip is that when Shoppers has a sale on, 9 times out of 10 it’ll be cheaper than most grocery stores (example, cereal)

  26. FB follower.I would love to be a part of a coupon chain.I have over $100.00 in coupons I would love to share.

  27. Tip – Donate your “free” products from using coupons to Harvest, To A Women’s Shelter, or to an Animal Shelter, to someone else in need. I do and it is a great feeling. I keep only what I will use and the rest give away…even donating valuable coupons that you do not really need to someone who has less than you is a great way to “pay it forward”. I LOVE Coupons and I LOVE doing for others with them. πŸ™‚

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