Back to school lunch ideas

29 Aug

Yup, it’s that time again – eek! 🙂 Is everyone all ready? The one thing I’m stuck on so far is some fun lunch snacks. Since it’s only kindergarten we don’t have to make lunches yet – but still have to make a quick lunch when we get back too. I know everyone has some fun ideas for snacks and lunches, so let’s share!

For me I like making wraps for my daughter – use some sunbutter and you’re good to go! I like putting in sliced apples with it and using ancient grains wraps (those are always a great find at McGavins) and clip it together with a Wrap Trap to make it mess free and fun.  My daughter is more into fruit than veggies so a little reusable container of berries is a quick one – or a fruit salad too. I’m a big fan of the Europe’s best frozen fruit, especially in winter. Always have a few bags in the freezer as spares when we run low on fresh fruit, or when the fruit doesn’t look so good at the stores.

It’s a good idea to stock up on some good litterless lunch containers – snack bags, sandwich wraps, thermos containers etc. – makes bringing certain things to school a lot easier. Sandwich wraps are great since you can open it up and use it as a sort of plate – reminds me of the olden days of wrapping sandwiches in cloth napkins (no, i’m not that old) but this is better since one side is plastic and it’s not a big mess. If you’re using a thermos container you can send a hot lunch to school too – whatever your kids faves are.

And do you guys put little notes, or special treats in lunches? Share it all, tried and tested recipes, ways to make it fun, and quick – stuff kids will actually want to eat! 😉 And remember to label, label, label so it all makes it way home at the end of the day.

2 Replies to “Back to school lunch ideas

  1. I’m a treater I will usually send two or 3 for her to share with her girls – she can’t quite read let so they are simple notes.

    Had to bring most of the school suppliers back I didn’t know you needed to label all the pencils and crayons. Guess what I’m doing tonight.

  2. I’m keen to know what kind of lunch ideas are out there for the guy who doesn’t like sandwiches. My friend’s husband returned to school today, and we’re racking our brains as to what he’ll be taking for lunch if he doesn’t want sandwiches. I would imagine there’s a microwave at the campus…

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