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1 Oct

Since it’s October 1st and I need to clean out my box of extra coupons to get rid of all the expired ones it’s a good time to have a big giveaway! Since I’m still sick and my brain is only at about 50% we will keep this one simple! One entry per person, open to all Canadians and will end monday at noon. Your comment can be a tip, a joke, a sale you saw – anything to help someone out! πŸ™‚ One winner will get a big bunch of coupons, if there’s tons of entries then I’ll pick more winners accordingly! Spread the word, and good luck!

59 Replies to “Coupon Giveaway!!!

  1. I could use some of those coupons!! I got some Lego from ToysRUs at 50% off. Cannot go wrong with that!! Hope that you are feeling better soon!

  2. Would love this too!! With my husband not working now for almost 1 year, we need to save anywhere and everywhere we can!! Thanks for having this draw:)

  3. It always makes me sad to clean out my coupon book at the start of a new month, getting rid of coupons that I didn’t use. What I started doing now is going through the coupons in the last week of the month, and coupons I knew I would use – I put out at work for others to enjoy!

  4. A tip… when price comparing/sale matching/couponing with toilet paper, make sure to compare SINGLE rolls – so if you have double rolls on sale, pretend there are double the number of rolls. It just makes it easier to see what the best price is. For example, 12 single rolls at $5.99 is 49 cents a roll, and 12 double rolls at $5.99 is ~25 cents a roll.

  5. I love coupons!Living on a limited income you really need coupons to stretch a buck.And I an glad to say it does really work

  6. Great giveaway! It can save you $ if you share purchasing a coupon book (Show & Save or Entertainment guide) with a friend or family member, and then split out the coupons. And if you know a student who has the SPC card, ask them to take you shopping at Zellers, Body Shop, etc. to save some $ πŸ˜€

  7. I went to Sears yesterday, and then have clearance items 50%, and they also had many other non-clearance items 50% off.
    I found a winter jacket I love for $190, plys 50%, it came to $95. I used my $50 gift card that I got for Christmas last year. Now the jacket was $45. Every year I allow my Sears charge card to go inactive, for 1 year, so I can reapply for the card and get my $10 gift card (free!). So I applied for the card and now the jacket was $35 + taxes, which brought it to $46. Not too bad for a $190+ taxes jacket πŸ˜€
    That’s my awesome savings for the weekend πŸ™‚

  8. A tip – leave the kids at home and go grocery shopping with a coupon crazy friend like yourself. Then you can concentrate on shopping and not your children and maybe your friend will see a deal where you missed one. They can also scan one side of the aisle as you scan the other. You can always trade and give each other coupons that you both may need.

  9. Looking for something to do tomorrow, Oct 2?
    Sunday, October 2 1–4pm FREE admission day at Fort Whyte Alive.

    Would love some coupons!

  10. Take the time to look at flyers and find deals. Also, check out clearance sections at places like Rexall, SDM and Sobeys.

  11. Would love more coupons! If you get the Kraft magazine there are a bunch of coupons for new Kraft products and I found a lot of them on sale at Sobeys this week plus with the coupons they were extra cheap!

  12. Can’t believe how much I have been saving using coupons. I only started a few months back and have saved hundreds and shared hundreds with others. Thank you to all who shared their tips and coupons with me.

  13. Please include me in the draw, Nadine. Our Ek chain seems to be lost…

    Tip: It’s only a good bargain if you need it and you’re buying it with ready cash. If you’re paying on credit, and not paying off your credit balance, you pay more in the end. Same for buying too many and having some go to waste. All things in moderation.

  14. I would love to get some new coupons! If you go to Disney Movie Rewards and sign up you can get a coupon for $8 off the Lion King!

  15. Sorry to hear you are sick-me too, our Shoppers(in BC) had alot of cold meds with short dates on clearance and I had extra point and $ off coupons so I bought what I would use over the next month if both I and hubby are sick.

  16. Just ordered 2 Show and Save coupon books from my nephews school fundraiser. Supporting a good cause and saving money at the same time….what could be better!

  17. Make a grocery list before heading out, and stick to it. Shop the perimeter of the store for the healthies foods. Check your flyers for the best deals, and price match when shopping at major grocery chains (saves on gas when you only want one item from the other store that has the best price for the item you need)! This is a good way to stay healthy and save!

  18. The Bay dowtown has excellent clearance prices – especially when you combine them with the hbc cc extra % off and vip coupons

  19. I too was at Sears yesterday going thru the clearance rack. An additional 50% off. I plan to go back today without kids so I can really look.

  20. With a new baby in the house, saving is on the top of my mind. This summer we grew a garden full of herbs, tomatoes, lettuce , carrots an a few other goodies. Wow did it ever cut down on our grocery bill and it was actually really fun putting it all together an watching it grow and soo delicious. It tastes so much better when you’ve grown it yourself. We’re already making our plan for next years garden which is gonna be even bigger an better an will feed three families!

  21. I am trying to get back into “couponing”. My binder is a disaster, so I guess this is a good time to take some time to organize it and hopefully fill it up!

  22. So sorry to hear you are still sick. My tip is to drink a lemon tea with honey for your throat and eat a piece of chocolate to make your brain happy. Get better soon.

  23. A tip – when looking to make a purchase of something others make feel free to look into co-op options. For ex: Glow Bugs only sells cloth diapers in 12 packs. But I can hook you up with a co-op option that lets you buy smaller amounts buy me placing a larger order.

  24. Thanks for the tip June – I just dug out the coupies out of my recycle bin.

    My tip – okay not mine – I found it on another site, but anyways – This weeks Lance page 15 has a coupon for a free lb of ground beef at the Carver’s Knife. Has anyone ever been?

    • been to carver’s knife…they’ve got good meat. it’s all natural meat, no antibiotics, chemicals, etc… definitely a good deal to get a lb free!

  25. If anyone is planning a winter getaway on WestJet (or travel in general over the next year), if you apply for their mastercard before November you get a 350$ credit! Its worth applying for, paying the 75$ annual fee, using it once to get the credit, then canceling it if you don’t need another creditcard. Anyway you look at it you’re 275$ ahead if you’ll be traveling πŸ™‚

  26. my tip…watch the prices as they scan through, and if they ever scan wrong, ask if they following the scanning code of practice. i just recently got a box of 14 full sized chocolate bars for free, due to a different price being posted then what was scanned. thought i was getting a good deal with the sale price…this was even better!! πŸ˜€

  27. Meal planning is a must for us. And also meal planning around the flyer helps save alot. My kids are used to looking for coupons while we shop. They really enjoy being involved in planning our meals.

  28. I live in Steinbach, and we have a Superstore and an Extra Foods here. While the Superstore is massive and offers SO much more than Extra Foods, there is always a lot of 30%-50% off stuff at Extra Foods. I rarely pay full price for milk, meat, bread, fruit, vegetables and snack foods! So being able to partner 50% off with a coupon would be awesome πŸ˜€

  29. I just finished posting this on the Facebook page. If your looking at going to the states for black Friday, the CanadInns Grand Forks has a package that you buy for 169 a night which includes 1 water park admission per person, a large pizza, a pitcher of pop and the room. Pretty good, I thought.

    They have the package on all the time, but they still hav availability on black Friday weekend!

  30. we use our pc credit card for all our purchases and pay off every month to avoid fees and we earn between $200 – $300 a year which we save for Xmas shopping. By adding your bills ie/ mts, car insurance it really adds up quickly.

  31. The budget-minded woman was always clipping coupons in

    the young, lean years when she was first married, and

    even kept detailed records of how much money she

    saved. One of her first jobs way back then was

    running the cash register at the local drugstore.

    One day, she had a self-conscious young man approach

    the counter to buy some condoms. She noticed a

    dollar-off coupon on the box and asked him if he’d

    like to use it, adding that she and her husband had

    saved over $400 redeeming coupons last year.

    The stunned young man replied, β€œOn these?!”

  32. Been wanting to try out meal planning, as well as OAMC. There are TONS of books out there for OAMC as well as cooking sites and blogs! Will be handy with baby #3 on the way. πŸ™‚

  33. Tip – Take the thime to fill out the surveys that you sometimes get on receipts from let’s say old navy or the children’s place. You save a lot when you find a big clearance sale and can use the 15% on top of the sale.

  34. Deb’s tip above is pretty good – I always ignore those surveys – but probably shouldn’t! My tip: Keep an eye on the clearance shelf at Safeway. I’ve even found cool dishes and kitchen utensils for incredibly cheap!

  35. would love a bunch of coupons. my tip is don’t waste anything – make a meal of all the leftovers in the fridge, use bones from cooking a whole turkey/chicken to make soup, and leftover meat for making casseroles or pot pies

  36. Love coupon giveaways!
    Cineplex Community Day is 22 Oct 11. Free movies and good price on movie treats (with proceeds going to charity). Not sure yet what movies they will be showing, but sounds like fun.

  37. tip: 1/2 price gift certs – 1/2 Price Tuesdays
    Up every Tuesdays. Sometimes there’s some pretty good stuff. Other times, not so much.

  38. Navigating through “couponer” websites is a great way to learn about “sale trends” and helps you ‘save” up your coupons for the best deals. I always keep lists of the typical times of year things go on sale and decide whether i need the coupons, how much I typically use, etc. For instance just before back-to-school Soup Always goes on sale. Soup was $54 cents per can and with the inserts I had for $0.50 off….I got 20 cans of soup for 4 cents a tin (considering they are regular $1.29 that is a great deal). I do this with many things. RIGHT NOW Smuckers Jam is $1.99 at Shoppers, with all the $1.00 off coupons out there you get Jam for $0.99 per Jar! Great time to stock up for the winter. These are great to use in cookies and rolls. I Just LOVE getting deals like that. Also – Watching those Shoppers Drug Mart 99 cent Bins. A few weeks back I got 10 of the Febrezze noticables Shade Covers regular $8.00 each and they were on sale for $0.99 and with all the $1 off coupons I had they were totally Free. They weren’t even discontinued just a “special” so that was an awesome find. πŸ™‚

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