Self Serve checkout – love or hate them?

1 Oct

I keep seeing stories about self serve checkouts on the news…..some stores are even going to get rid of them. What do you guys think, love or hate them?

I loved them originally, I love the idea of them – but in real life, not so great. Some stores machines seem to have a lot of glitches, where an employee always have to come over. Which is fine, when there is an employee stationed there, not so great when you have to wait or go find someone. You also have to wait for an employee when using coupons. I like it for quick little shops, if I’ve run into Safeway for just a few things I’ll often use self checkout. It’s fast when we’ve run into Home Depot to grab one thing, stuff like that.The last few times we’ve used self-checkout it’s been nothing with problems, things not scanning up well, waiting too long for an employee, the machine locking up or keep screaming at me about not having put my item in the bagging area! 😉 Some items are very light!

What do you guys think? What stores in the city have the best system? Which are the worst? Who should keep them, get rid of them or just get them to start?

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  1. I find the Superstore one on Regent isn’t great. The attendant is always really busy and you can end up waiting a long time if your item doesn’t come up correct or if you have to give coupons.

    I find the Home Depot ones great!

  2. I don’t like the ones at superstore, but the one at home depot isn’t too bad, although last time I used it at home depot, I didn’t realize it wanted me to put the chip of my credit card in and i was standing there dumbfounded. Also, because I am deaf, I like the ones that show what it says to do, not just voice. it should be user friendly for everyone.

    Also, some of them give you an option of saying you do not want bags, but should you dare put your own reusable bag down it tells you you have to scan it. :/

    I also hate waiting for an attendant to use coupons or if something didn’t scan right or for sales or when something, like fruit, doesn’t have a code on it, and you have to scan the correct one. you’d think that’d be simple enough but there’s organic vs non-organic, there’s this kind vs that kind (like apples, for example)

    so I’d just rather stand in line.

  3. I really like them, I use the one at Superstore on Sargent regularily. Obviously if things are busy it takes a little longer for the attendant to get to you but overall it’s very speedy.

  4. I prefer to use to self scanning checkouts. I find it quick and easy, since I used to work at a grocery store for many years, and quite formiliar with the grocery codes and bagging procedures 🙂
    But when people are unformiliar with the machines, it’s best to go to a regular checkout. Because the transaction can take a long time if you don’t know what you’re doing.
    I do find it to be a hassle to deal with coupons and having to wait for the attendant. Thankfully in Steinbach at RCSS, whenever I go, it’s not overly busy so I don’t have to wait long. But I’ve been to the RCSS on Regent and when it’s busy, the smallest things can take ALOT of time.
    I hope the keep self scan around for a long time 🙂 It’s super great if you’re buying some items you don’t need the whole checkout line knowing about 😉 or just for quick trips into the grocery store for a few items.

  5. I personally love them. I have found in the past that Superstore can be horrible about the scanned price and the shelf price being different.. When I am rushing to bag my own groceries, I have missed the difference… and am rushed to cram everything into bags.

    With the self check out, I can watch the prices and take the time to pack my grocerie bags to my own liking… I have also never had a problem with coupons (other than having to wait for an attendant to come over, which is not a big deal)…

  6. I don’t believe in them. The stores are only saving money by not paying staff but are not passing on the savings to the customers. I would much rather go through the line with a cashier which helps these people keep their jobs.

  7. I like using the self-checkouts, but I agree that coupons and the occasional discounted food purchase can be a hassle. The Safeway in Osbourne is usually good and since the regular line-ups tend to be long, I’d rather do it myself.

    A note to one of the comments posted above. If the price for an item is posted at less than you are charged, most stores will give you the item for free. I will pay for the overcharged item, then go to customer service for my money back. I pay first, because when I’ve said something, they adjust the price, but do not always give it for free. This policy holds the store accountable for their correct pricing.

    Has anyone seen the new electronic pricing at Superstore?

  8. like most of the comments above, I do like the self-check outs as long as the equipment is working properly, and an attendant is nearby. I’ve had problems with cashiers not entering in all my coupons while I’m bagging, and I just don’t have the time to stand there and watch that everything is entered properly. So here I see the prices as I scan them, and I enter my own coupons. I’m ok to wait for the attendant if they’re at their station.

    regarding the note to items that scan at a higher price than the shelf states, the item is to be given to you for free up to a limit of $10 🙂

  9. The only store I shop in that has it is Sobey’s on Kenaston. Big thumbs up since I usually run in there for a few items, I can almost always take the self check out. However, I’m not sure they have a posted limit. I have seen people with a cart full of groceries, doing it themselves. That slows things down a lot. So if that’s you, please use the regular check outs, they have people to help and there’s more room for your groceries.
    I’ve only done the Home Depot one a couple of times, and my Safeway doesn’t have them. But I wish they did, I was there on Saturday and they never have enough express check outs open. I agree, they are just saving on not having to pay someone, but aren’t passing the savings out to us. The new Superstore pricing, confuses me. I hardly shop there anymore, but I ran in for diapers and I had no idea what the price was!

  10. I love them!
    And although I do agree that the self checkout should be for a limited amount of items… I was so disappointed when the superstore put a limit on their machines. When they first came out, there was no limit. So me and my full cart is probably the reason they did that.
    I do feel a little rushed when bagging my stuff. But that’s my own fault for being that way. I find it can be faster. Especially if you only have a few items. However I do agree with the coupon drawback. Can slow things down if the attendant is busy with someone else.
    Overall, I’m thumbs up for self check outs.

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