Coupon chains going out!

8 Oct

Here are the chains that are going out today. If you’re not included and emailed, it means you either forgot to put your area or even a lot of people forgot to include their mailing addresses. I emailed back as many as I could – if you still want to be on the chain make sure to follow the original rules and email me to be added for the next round. There were some people leftover at the end, just one or 2 per area so I made a new chain called extras and put them all together so you could still take part in it.

Charleswood – Tracy, Alison, Michelle

Elmwood/East Kildonan – Sylvia, Erin, Carrie, Diane

Extras – Joanne, April, Misty, Rebecca, Barbara, Carla, Stacy

Transcona – Felicia, Dana, Ramona, Sarah, Kalee

St. Vital/St. Boniface – Renata, Donna, Tara, Vibi, Kim, Wendy, Laurel

St. Norbert – Earlene, Barb, Shelley, June

Outside the city – Evelyn, Carrie, Janelle, Julie, Angelynn, Carolyn, Nicola, Sherry

Out of province – Melanie, Sheri

Remember when you get it to come post in the coupon chain tab that you got it, and when you are sending it on etc.

Good luck, and happy couponing!! 🙂


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