Coupon chain updates

15 Jan

It’s been 5 full mailing days since I sent out all of the chains, and only half of them have been updated….some are doing great, already onto the 2nd and 3rd people. I’m going to stay on top of these more this time around, so here are the ones that haven’t been updated yet:

Polo park #2 – tracy

polo park – tanya

charleswood – crystal

east k – mackenzie

garden city west k #2 – christine

out of province – carrie

outside wpg #2 – karyn

u of m#1 – kristin

transcona – jeannette

Did you guys receive it? If so, make sure to update them! Let’s keep these ones moving quickly this time around 🙂

2 Replies to “Coupon chain updates

  1. Yes I got my mine Transcona, there wasn’t much for coupons in it so I was waiting for some of the flyer inserts with coupons so I could put some extras in it and beef it up a bit, sorry that you felt it took too long I will try and get it out tomorrow as my MIL just dropped off some coupon booklets for me that her friends saved for me!

  2. I received it… just haven’t had a chance to throw it in the mail yet. I think I’d like to be taken off the chain — sorry — just not enough time in my life right now. Thanks again! Kristin

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