Costco Canada Markdown Monday deals

21 Nov

img_20161121_100306 img_20161121_100321 img_20161121_100332 img_20161121_100403 img_20161121_100531 img_20161121_100536 img_20161121_100603 img_20161121_100606 img_20161121_100618 img_20161121_100625 img_20161121_100659 img_20161121_100706 img_20161121_100726 img_20161121_100911 img_20161121_100942_edit img_20161121_100945 img_20161121_101114_edit img_20161121_101118 img_20161121_101233 img_20161121_101249 img_20161121_101252Every fourth Monday Costco has a special day where things are really marked down – you can read more about it here for Markdown Monday info. Here are some of the deals I found on Regent – it’s different at every store, so keep your eye out for all kinds of crazy deals! This is just a small portion of what I found there, it gets pretty hectic in the clothing section. That’s usually where the best deals are!

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