Childcycle Sale!

20 Apr

April 21st and 22nd at the Glenwood Community Centre there’s the big Childcyle sale – A huge sale for kid’s clothing, toys, furniture and more! If you’re expecting, or a new parent this is a great one stop shop – can get outfitted with almost everything you need! What another great way to celebrate earth day – reusing kids items are the way to go! If I could go back in time I’d definitely buy a lot more used items – so many things kids wear or use just a few times.

The sale is huge so check out their site for all the info – admission is $1, or bring a donation and get in for free!

And if you go this weekend, post up and let us know all the awesome deals you find! 🙂

2 Replies to “Childcycle Sale!

  1. This sale was way over priced….alot of stuff like the Joe brands and walmart stuff etc was priced quite high for things that were quite worn out….I am able to shop the clearance section and get better deals than most of what was there…there was however a girl selling baby legs for $5 and I managed to get one pair of shoes for my youngest that were brand new for cheap but the rest was not that good, I saw people walking out with tons of stuff but I am not sure if they realized the deals were not that good……

  2. I agree with money saving mommy. I was there yesterday afternoon around 1:00 and was complete underwhelmed. Things were really overpriced and most was not in as good a shape as I would have expected based on what there rules were for accepting things for consignment. I looked through the baby clothes and was able to pick up a pair of Baby Gap denim overalls for $4 but that was definitely the exception rather that the rule.

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