Disneynature Chimpanzee now in theatres!

20 Apr

If you want to see a great family movie this weekend, check out the new Disneynature movie Chimpanzee. It starts today, right in time for Earth Day!

The movie really impressed the 3 of us, my husband and I kept looking over at each other shocked, so many things we had no idea Chimpanzees did! The movie follows a little chimp named Oscar – this guy is so cute and loveable, you just want to grab him off the screen and give him a big hug! I love that the movie just follows Oscar and his chimp family, no interference, no script – so well done that my 6 year old leaned over and asked me if this was real or fake…I guess she thought it was either amazing animation, or they were smart enough to stage this story for us! You really learn a lot during the movie, the scenery is amazing, the colours are beautiful and you get to see chimps interacting like never before.

I have to admit, I groaned inwardly a bit when Tim Allen first spoke as the narrator – ends up whoever chose him was a genius, he ended up being the perfect person for this film! He really adds another dimension to the film, and helps you follow along – his jokes are really funny too. My daughter laughed a lot during the movie.

But, I have to give a little warning, it is a true nature kind of film. There’s a few scenes she found a little scary, just during it, no mention of it after. Not everything that happens in Oscar’s life is good or happy either – we really get to see what it’s like there.

We all gave this movie 2 thumbs up – little chimpazee thumbs! 🙂 It was funny, cute, heart warming, heart wrenching and just enjoyable to watch. Perfect movie for the big screen too!

Happy Earth Day everyone – and I hope you enjoy meeting Oscar as much as we did!

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