Chicken Soup for the soul, I can’t believe my dog did that! – review and giveaway

30 Nov

Most dog owners find themselves saying that quite often I think – I often tell my daughter stories of what our dog did during the day while she was at school.

This is 101 stories about the crazy antics of our canine companions. Funny stories, cute stories, tricky dog stories etc.  It’s a great variety of silly stuff, and heartwarming stories.

I like books like this because makes a perfect gift for any dog lover on your list! Always fun to read the stuff other people’s pets are up to – maybe your dog’s antics aren’t that bad in comparison? 😉

2 lucky people will each be winning their own copy of this book – to enter comment below with either a funny thing your dog did, or if it’s for a gift who you would want to give it to.

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Make sure to comment seperately for each one.

Giveaway open to all dog loving Canadians 🙂 and will end tuesday dec. 4th at noon! good luck!



18 Replies to “Chicken Soup for the soul, I can’t believe my dog did that! – review and giveaway

  1. I thought that I was already part of the Facebook group but I was wrong! I am now.
    Thank you for the chance to win this book!
    🙂 Barbara

  2. We have three dogs and the little one (5 lbs) rules the roost. Our 80 lb rottie cross tries to play with her but when he does so, she gets in his face and yaps-he whips his head around so fast every time, as though it’s a surprise that she did that…lol. They’re so cute.

  3. After the loss of our sweet Karma in May, I said I would never have another dog. The pain of the loss was almost unbearable, I’ll miss her forever. But, our home seemed just a house .It was quiet and clean..and we missed everything about having dog. So, we became dog parents again. We adopted an 8 week old mini golden doodle we named Madigan. She is gorgeous, loving and a typical puppy. If it’s on the floor,and it shouldn’t be there, it now belongs to her.Now,if it’s on the coffee or end out. One morning I was looking for my glasses and Maddy was chewing on what I thought was a toy. You guessed it..she had my glasses.One lens was out and they both had multiple chew marks on them!! There have been many other incidents, but that is the joy of having a puppy. By the way, I was going to get new glasses..just had to do it sooner. FB fan Thanks for the great giveaway.

  4. Delilah is pretty fun, when the ground is covered in snow (like it is now) she runs outside and dives in head first, looking like a billy goat 🙂
    She also has these little stuffed animals around the house, lately it’s been T’s Momma Horse, but she mothers that thing like crazy, she scratches at the door, and brings it outside, and if you watch her closely, she puts the horse down on the ground, watches it, then comes back up to the front door and scratches to come back in….Who takes their stuffy’s for bathroom breaks?! Only my dog..True Story!

  5. I own two dogs, a dobermanXshepherd and a Yorkie. The yorkie is the oldest but funniest. She has an obsession with clothes. We keep them in a soft carrier that was bought for her but she doesnt use. If you pull it out she goes nuts, jumping everywhere all over it and gets to the point she almost hyperventalates. Shes pretty old and doesnt get too excited for anything asides from that. Well one day when friends were over we decided to put an outfit on her. We did this in the dining room and she would go to the kitchen where everyone was and “model” her outfit then come back and want another one on. She did this for about 10 different outfits. It was so cute and funny.

    Also I follow on Facebook!

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