Check out this Government Surplus shopping website!!!

8 Nov

GG Surplus is a website that sells all kinds of Government surplus assets to the general public.

You can register easily for an account and then use it to bid on all kinds of random items – from cars, boats, planes, office equipment and much more.

You can search by what is in your province also – or I guess if you found a really good deal you can go to another province to pick something up or arrange to get it shipped etc.  Easy enough to arrange shipping in Canada.

It’s kind of a neat website to just look through too – the categories are pretty varied – books, agricultural, fishing, jewelry, medical equipment, trailers – and on and on. It’s like falling down a rabbit hole too, lots to scroll through!

The ads are really specific too which is great – a lot of stuff is damaged, or specific concerns about it. It tells you the minimum bid, how long is left etc .

There’s also 9 GC Service centres across Canada too – you can arrange for viewings on certain things.

If you do win an item, you can pay via credit or debit card, and some you can go in to pay also.

Great idea if you’re looking for a new car, machinery, furniture, starting a new business or just shopping around for random items. It’s a really, really bizarre mix of items too – something for everyone.

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