Celebrating the Holidays With Hallmark #LoveHallmarkCA #MyHallmark

18 Dec

If you aren’t done your shopping yet, or just need some new decorations to get in the holiday spirit, as always Hallmark has you covered.

A lot of the new stuff this year is perfect for cozying up and watching some Hallmark movies even!

My 3 faves this year are the Merry Christmas Pillow, the woven felt tote and the woven blanket. Those 3 together just scream Happy Holidays and really perk up a space – plus, super comfy and cozy too. I love the totes, you can even get them in non xmassy colours to use year round.

Another one I really like this year is the Interactive Santa plush – super cute and his red bag is the perfect spot for a gift! Perfect for grandparents or kids, and neat way to wrap up a gift! A keepsake for many years.

Also love the Itty Bitty countdown calendar – so cute, you move Santa every day to count down to Christmas. Something great to pass down over the years too.

So many new holiday cards this year too. One thing I love is the new Paper wonder cards and decoupage ornaments which are actually exclusive to Walmart. Super cute and those cards really stand out – they’re like a gift in themselves.

It’s always so fun decorating for the holidays with Hallmark – but can’t forget about all the neat wrapping paper, gift bags etc – this year there’s even a Snoopy musical gift card holder! Great way to personalize a gift card!

I think my favourite thing every year (apart from seeing what’s new) is taking out the boxes from the basement from previous years and seeing all the decorations we’ve loved for many years! To me, that’s when the holiday season really starts! Then it’s time to decorate the tree and then we just fly into the Holiday season!

So, if you’re heading out to shop make sure to pop into your local Hallmark store (or Walmart too!) – huge time saver and lots of great gift ideas for everyone on your list!



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